In-Home Service Workers Win County Contract

SEIU 2015 is a new chapter of the Service Employees International Union reorganized and 2015 to serve nearly 1400 in home providers of the elderly and disabled in Mendocino County. On December 10 four of the seven members of the union’s bargaining team were present as the Mendocino County Director of Health and Human Services […]

Potemkin Public Radio

The seating provided for the large room of the Redwood Coast Senior Center was fully filled by more than thirty coastal residents for the March 6th KZYX Board of Directors meeting — an event as rare as the dry weather that broke through the steely skies of a rain sodden winter. The Board was asked […]

KZYX Welcomes New GM

After a week of high winds and steady rain, warmer temperatures made the trip to Willits on January 9th a bit less treacherous for those who attended the KZYX Board meeting. Of high interest to the 15 attendees who braved the inclement weather was a chance to greet Jeffrey Parker, the man who replaced Interim […]

KZYX Surprises

An unexpected development appeared as an action item on the November 7th agenda of the KZYX Board of Directors meeting. The Board was asked to vote on the recommendation of the Hiring Committee for the position of General Manager. Although the application for the position was posted on the station’s website and Facebook page, advertised […]

KZYX Board Goes To Point Arena

In response to requests from South Coast members, the KZYX Board met for the first time in its twenty-six years of existence in the town of Point Arena. Directors Clay Eubank and Jenness Hartley were absent due to work responsibilities. Public attendance numbered fourteen of which half were local residents, including the presence of the […]

Transparency & KZYX

On the mild early summer evening of June 27th, the KZYX Board of Directors met at Anderson Valley High School. Approximately 15 people attended including four members of the Community Advisory Board (CAB). Excepting newly elected Director, John Azzaro, all Board members were present. In the few minutes before I arrived the Board noted that […]

Mayhem & Muddle

On May 2nd, a tranquil spring day, the KZYX Board of Directors met for the annual membership meeting at the Point Noyo Restaurant’s bar room in Fort Bragg. For the second consecutive meeting the Board’s Treasurer, Clay Eubank, was absent. Directors Futcher and Sakowicz also were not present. The meeting room was cramped, dominated in […]

KZYX In Transition

On the late winter evening of March 7th, as the sun dipped behind the hills, the KZYX Board of Directors met at the Willits library. President of the Board,  Meg Courtney, introduced individual Board members by name to the audience.  Director Clay Eubank was absent due to work obligations. Courtney announced the appointment of Director […]

Big Changes At KZYX

Traveling the rain slicked, snake like curves of Orr Springs Road, opting for the shortest distance between two points, I found the January 4th meeting of the KZYX Board of Directors meeting already under way upon my arrival. The small conference room of the Travelodge motel was nearly filled to capacity, with twenty or so […]

KZYX: Chaos & Hope

In an unfamiliar darkness that signaled the return to standard time, the KZYX Board of Directors met on November 2nd at the Redwood Coast Senior Center in Fort Bragg. All Board members were present with the exception of Director John Sakowicz. The Board approved the minutes from the two previous meetings of June 29th and […]

KZYX Rotations

On a pleasant late summer Labor Day evening, the KZYX Board of Directors met at the Anderson Valley Grange. All members were present with the exception of Director John Sakowicz. The minutes of the lengthy June 29th meeting were not available as Sakowicz, in the absence of Board Secretary, Meg Courtney, agreed to take notes […]

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