The Latest From Radio Snarl

Having arrived early to the June 29th meeting of the KZYX Board of Directors, I was delighted by the four stacks of informational handouts available to the public. Upon closer examination, I noticed the absence of minutes from the Board’s May membership meeting. I approached the dais to ask Board President, Stuart Campbell, for an […]

KZYX’s ‘No Safe Harbor’ Directive

Late into the evening of June 29th at KZYX’s Board of Director’s meeting with three public comment times somewhat successfully navigated and budget reviews from past and present years sufficiently dissected, there was a feeling of information saturation making one wonder if there was anything left to say at the fourth and final comment period. […]

KZYX’s Divine Comedy Runs On

The KZYX Board of Directors held a marathon five-hour meeting at the Community Center in Willits on June 29th. Mercifully, the weather was almost cool — the digital screen reading 88 degrees at 4 p.m. All members of the Board were present with the exception of Board Secretary, Meg Courtney. Director Sakowicz volunteered to take […]

KZYX’s Annual Membership Meeting

As the pleasant sunny afternoon of May 4th settled into a mild spring evening, the KZYX Board of Directors met in Ukiah at the Space Theater for its annual meeting with its membership. Absent was Board member Jane Futcher who, according to current Vice Chair Stuart Campbell, was traveling. The purpose of the annual membership […]

Seeds of Change Stir at KZYX

Two thirds of the Board of Directors for KZYX attended the February 2nd meeting, held at the Redwood Coast Senior Center. Absent were Board President, Eliane Herring and Directors Page and Sakowicz. Vice President Stuart Campbell chaired the meeting, citing personal reasons for the absences. Sakowicz, returning from a workshop in southern California was unable […]

Resurrection of Community News?

After two years of a radically downsized news format, it appears that the management of KZYX has heard the clarion community call for a news upgrade approaching what was once a gem of the station’s local programming. A brief history of events that led up to the present state of local evening news paints a […]

KZYX’s Roller Coaster Ride

Fresh on the heels of the return to Pacific Standard Time, the November 3rd meeting of the KZYX Board of Directors began under a cloak of disorienting darkness. Held at the Philo Grange, in close proximity to the station’s home base, all but five of the eighteen or so people attending had a connection to […]

The KZYX Backward Shuffle

Overcast skies on Monday, July 7th brought relief of the triple digit temperatures that had plagued inland residents over the weekend. The KZYX Board of Directors met that evening in an air conditioned room at the Willits Library. All members of the Board were present as July 1st begins the station’s fiscal year with the […]

Healing The Rift: Progress At KZYX?

The Annual Membership meeting of the KZYX Board Of Directors was held at the Space Theater in Ukiah on May 5th. Attendance was close to 25 members, consisting primarily of current and prior KZYX programmers and former Board members. Those members not affiliated with the station numbered around eight. Like the Goldilocks fable, trying to […]

Internal Strife Rocks KZYX’s Boat

A standing room only crowd of over 50 people filled the Fort Bragg Redwood Senior Center’s second largest room on March 3rd for the KZYX Board of Directors’ meeting. Long gone are the quiet days when the Board lamented the lack of public interest in its meetings. If three or more people showed, it was […]

Fear & Loathing at KZYX’s Philo Fortress

Having sat on the sidelines, watching the intensity of dialogue increase as the upcoming KZYX election nears, I took the time to research the KZYX “myth” of an incident that occurred over 20 years ago at the Philo studio. Unlike oral history which can be embellished and distorted through repetition, the demonstration on October 12th, […]