Fear & Loathing at KZYX’s Philo Fortress

Having sat on the sidelines, watching the intensity of dialogue increase as the upcoming KZYX election nears, I took the time to research the KZYX “myth” of an incident that occurred over 20 years ago at the Philo studio. Unlike oral history which can be embellished and distorted through repetition, the demonstration on October 12th, […]

Need A CAB? Call KZYX!

As the holidays quickly approached, six members of KZYX’s newly formed Community Advisory Board (CAB) met on Dec. 19th at Anderson Valley High School. Despite the dark, cold and inconvenient timing, seven members of communities both near and far came to meet the new Board and speak during Public Comment. Stuart Campbell, the only Board […]

Showtime At KZYX

The October 7th meeting of the KZYX Board of Directors took place at the Anderson Valley High School before a standing room only public audience. The 25 people crowded into the small classroom included a collage of past Board members, current KZYX staff and programmers and a few general members of the public who seemed […]

KZYX’s Balance Of Power?

In the world of reporting, one soon realizes that much can be learned from questions not asked — much like its visual counterpart in which the eye perceives a different picture depending on how it assimilates foreground with background, light with shadow or positive with negative spatial relationships. Upon reflection of the December 18th community […]

KZYX & The Invisible Community

Because two previous KZYX Board meetings scheduled for the coast in November and December had been cancelled, I trekked over the hill to Ukiah on December 18th for a long awaited community meeting. Looking forward to an occasion where the public could comment outside the limitations of the board of directors’ three-minute time frame, I […]

KZYX: Truth, Transparency & Term Limits

On a sunny late summer evening in Anderson Valley, seven KZYX Board members met with General Manager, John Coate and four members of the public to discuss station business. The meeting was held on September 10 in a high school classroom. Board member Laviva Dakirs was absent. In an effort to set an informal and […]

AT&T Workers Strike In Fort Bragg

In the early morning sunshine of August 8th, a dozen men with picket signs stood outside the AT&T central office on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg. The men were on the second day of a two-day Communication Workers of America (CAW) union approved strike. They were part of a larger district-wide effort to bring attention […]

KZYX Annual Membership Meeting

The Board of Directors for KZYX&Z held its annual membership meeting in the hub of downtown Ukiah at the Art Center on State Street on May 14th. The venue had numerous paintings of well-known artists adorning its walls including some impressive quilted pieces by local artist Laura Fogg. A gathering of about 25 people overflowed […]

KZYX Shuns Transparency

Overcast skies and cool temperatures were the order of the day as the Board of Directors for KZYX&Z met in the Abalone Room of the Little River Inn on March 12th. The question of having a quorum was raised as only half the Board was present at the scheduled time. Happily for all, especially Board […]

Climate Change At KZYX

Despite darkness and nighttime temperatures dipping below freezing in many locales throughout the County, the KZYX Board of Directors met at the Family Resource Room at the Anderson Valley HS on Monday, January 9. All Board members with the exception of Ukiah representative, Tony Melville, were present. An extremely light agenda left some Board members […]

KZYX Inside Out

 With the recent rash of programming changes and layoffs at KZYX&Z as an attempt, according to Station Manager John Coate, to balance the books, it appears that the listening audience and general public know little of the behind the scenes drama playing out at the station. Having been mentored under the patient support of former […]