Boonville Restaurant Changes

It’s been a strange couple of weeks in terms of the recent restaurant developments, with many Valley folks swapping stories and tales on this topic at the various events and social gatherings that I have attended over that time. Of course this has been accompanied by the inevitable misinformed gossip and plain untruths that tend […]

Live Oak Building Gone?

Many locals were saddened to see the demolition/rennovation job that is taking place at the Live Oak Building in downtown Boonville over the past week or so. Previous work had apparently gutted the famous old structure interior and now the outside has undergone a similar fate. It is hoped that the new owners, who run […]

Joyce Murray

An elegant, unfailingly pleasant woman, Joyce Murray, lived a long and full life, some of which Joyce, who passed away last week, shared with Steve Sparks and the readers of this newspaper in 2009. In her memory, we reprint it here. * * * Last Friday morning, I drove a couple of miles out of […]

The Heads Up Duo

In anticipation of the upcoming event, I met with René Auberjonois at his home in Anderson Valley and we were joined…by René’s good friend, Howard Hesseman

‘Heads-up!’ with Auberjonois & Hesseman

As many folks will hopefully have heard, they’re back! I’m referring to those two wonderful performers and stars of film, television, and stage, Valley resident René Auberjonois and his good friend Howard Hesseman. Their new show is coming on Saturday, February 15, once again at The Grange in Philo, and is presented by the AV […]

Panther Soccer 2013

With Roseland Prep having clinched their fourth regular season title in succession, The Anderson Valley Panthers had their eyes on the runners-up spot prize as the final week of the season approached. In their way was Calistoga, with whom the Panthers have had a number of somewhat “heated exchanges” on a number of occasions in […]

Panther Soccer 2013

Following the crucial loss at Roseland Prep last week, the Panthers were faced with two more league games this week as they attempted to get back to winning ways. First up, here in Boonville, they faced Upper Lake last Wednesday afternoon in what was always going to be a fairly routine victory against the over-matched […]

Panther Soccer 2013

Following the previous weekend’s very controversial first loss of the season at Fort Bragg, the AV Panthers needed to get back on track and put that game behind them as quickly as possible. With the struggling Geyserville team visiting the Valley last Wednesday, they were given ample opportunity. The Broncos were promoted to League 1 […]

Panther Soccer 2013

The season continued last week with three away games in just four days for the first-placed Panthers, surely an unintentional scheduling error by High School Athletic Director Robert Pinoli that saw the team travel over 500 miles in that short period of time! With this in mind, a number of bench players were added to […]

Panther Soccer 2013

The past week witnessed a couple of big matches in the high school boys soccer season that may well have a significant impact on the season as a whole. These were against Roseland Prep from Santa Rosa and St Vincent’s of Petaluma — strong teams who both achieved narrow victories against AV last year. Roseland, […]

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