Farm To Farm

The promises of rain have been mostly hopeful as forecasters see abundant moisture in the El Niño conditions of the Pacific headed our way, but fizzling at the first contact with land. Evidently the snow covering most of the Great Plains is creating this vast trough, they call it, with low pressure there, causing a […]

Farm To Farm

On Tuesday we had some business involving transporting a young bull to service a couple of Jersey half-breeds at the Frey ranch in Redwood Valley. The bull calf is the third son of my favorite cow, the one with the udder that never needs trimming and the calm temper who lets me handle her newborn […]

Farm To Farm

The matsutakes are emerging along the ridges. If you know where they are you are finding them. If you don’t, you probably won’t. A person with deeper local roots than I have has been schooling me on the subtle art of spotting the slightest puffs of fir down on tan oak leaves, pouncing on them […]

Farm To Farm

Dr. Chaulk stopped by the farm in the rain last Saturday afternoon to vaccinate the four remaining pups against parvo. He must know what he’s doing. None of the pups noticed the needle in the flesh. Part of the reason I was happy to have the vet over to vaccinate the pups was that it […]

An Udder Explosion

Thanksgiving Day started out routinely. The cows went through the milking procedure without balking. It was only when I was feeding hay after the milking that I noticed a few suspicious splotches of blood, looked around, and saw that the left rear quarter of the teat of the cow I’d recently retrieved from Willits had […]

Farm To Farm

People keep asking if I’m planning to bring carrots and lettuce, what have you, down to the Farmers Market (They call it the “food mart”) on Sundays at the Anderson Valley Grange. The short answer is no, for now. No truck, no license — although a friend dropped his driver’s license inadvertently on the gravel […]

Farm To Farm 11/11/2009

Last Tuesday afternoon was maybe the final balmy weather until March. I was a little disoriented after spending the whole morning riding up to the Willits area to pick up a shorthorn cow and her half Jersey bull calf from one of those back-to-the-lander homesteads. The people had called me several days before with an […]

Farmers Market Report

The Ukaholics provided a musical backdrop for the Boonville Farmers’ market on Saturday morning. They entertained the throngs of shoppers with their barbershop quartet style harmonizing and slapstick theatrics. Actually there were no throngs. The people perusing from one vendor to the next were no thicker than the steelhead are in the Navarro, these days. […]

GMO Farmer Busted

Motorists driving West on Mountain View Road this past summer might have noticed there was a stand of corn growing off to the left, in the distance, beyond the cow pasture. They might have noticed the corn, which was over ten feet tall by the time the ears started ripening in the middle of August, […]

Bird Flu Chicken Poop

Every time I see the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, I wonder if it’s worth torturing myself by trusting that paper to give me a picture of what humanity is up to. I don’t buy it. I mean, I stop at the coffeeshop and there it is staring, glaring at me from the table while I […]

Mammoth Buys Local™

If you have ever used the adjective “local” to describe a product that you were offering for sale, you will have to search the Webster’s Dictionary for an alternative. As of April 1, 2006, the word “local” is the sole property of Mammoth Foods, Inc., a subsidiary of the Green Goliath Food Group based in […]

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