Those Wondrous, Wacky Giants!

Last Tuesday in San Francisco was one of those days that make you glad to be alive. Sunny, clear skies, low 70s with just a hint of chill in the evening to remind you it’s late October. Today started out beautifully too, but it’s cooler, the skies are darkening and you can feel the rain […]

The Day Henry Kissinger Cried

Just when I thought there could be no further desecration of those who perished on Sept. 11, George W. Bush appoints Henry Kissinger to direct an investigation of the government’s failure to prevent the terrorist attacks. Honestly, it took my breath away. Even in a time of cynical politics, this is stunning. I realize, of […]

The Mysterious Death of Judi Bari

When I first met Judi Bari, she was lying in a hospital bed in Oakland, California, recovering from a bomb blast that ripped through her lower body and nearly killed her. As we spoke, she occasionally grimaced with pain, but she remained defiant in her purple Earth First! T-shirt with a clenched-fist logo. She was […]