Flirting with History

What follows is unclassified. At least as far as I know. It comes from my fading memory and the so-called “open literature.” The connections, if any, are pure speculation on my part. This train of thought was triggered by the recent film, “Argo” (2012), about one aspect of the Iranian Hostage Crisis at the end […]

AMTRAK — Again!

AMTRAK has handled the black-porter/white-porter issue very deftly. Their logo — or at least the one that appears on the tissue covering the head rest — depicts a porter standing erect in his sharp uniform, half in strong light, half in shadow; half white, half black. The ebullient Charles from Chicago was in the latter […]

Beam Rider

I should have been an experimental physicist or per­haps even an astrophysicist. One disadvantage to the latter profession is that you can’t really get close to the explo­sions you’re studying. “A good explosion,” a friend once said, “is one you can feel right here,” and he pounded his wishbone with his fist. Of course I’m […]