Cathleen Micheaels, Local Art Champion

Local art educator Cathleen Micheaels — dear to the hearts of many Anderson Valley students who have studied with her — was honored by the Board of Supervisors on December 4th. She was commended by the Mendocino Arts Council as one of Mendocino County’s 16th Annual “Arts Champions.”  Cathleen accepted her award with characteristic humility […]

Good-Bye Ron O’Brien

A large group of friends and family turned out to celebrate the life of Ron O’Brien on Saturday March 11th at the Grange Hall in Philo. Ron would probably have been surprised and bemused to see how many people cared about him.

‘The Kid’ Visits The Unity Club

On Thursday February 2nd the Unity Club held its annual invitational luncheon featuring a person of local importance.  This year the invitee was Anne Molgaard, the new Assistant Director of the Mendocino Health and Human Services Agency. A popular previous visitor was Sheriff Tom Allman. But we were disappointed to hear that Ms. Molgaard had […]

Community Questions for Blackbird

Since Democracy is not a spectator sport it was inspirational to attend the recent meeting sponsored by the Anderson Valley Community Action Coalition and moderated by the Anderson Valley Community Services District around community concerns about Blackbird Farm. Blackbird is located on the remote property formerly known as Highland Ranch. Close neighbors and other who […]

Tie One On at the Fair

This year for the first time ever apron wearers will be featured in the Fair Parade. If you have a frilly, silly, beautiful or ugly apron bring it to the Fairgrounds and tie it on and march along with other apron wearers. Don’t let the parade pass you by — this is the easiest way […]

Getting Out of Dodge

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the Valley and see a thing or two. My Mom Muriel Ellis decided to go to a writer’s conference at the Shattuck Hotel in Berkeley. I suggested that she bring me along for moral support (which she really didn’t need) and she said yes.  Berkeley is always reinventing […]

AV Firefighters: Judy Long

I met with Judy Long at her wooded home in Rancho Navarro which she shares with her husband Garth. She warned me not to come to the house if I had allergies so I was not surprised to be enthusiastically greeted at the door by a tail-wagging tangle of pets including her giant yellow lab Tanner, her tiny Toy Fox Terrier Sassy and her very fluffy cat Spike. We all tumbled into her kitchen together to sit at the bar for our chat.

AV Firefighters: Clay Eubank

Clay Eubank has been in Anderson Valley since 2010. His partner Sarah Farber is the Captain of the Yorkville Station. It was through their involvement with firefighting that they met at the National Fire Academy. His firefighting career started in 1991 in Capay Valley west of Woodland near Davis where he retired as chief in 2010.

AV Firefighters: Roy Laird

Battalion Chief Roy Laird has been on the Anderson Valley Volunteer Fire Department for 30 years (with a few years off when his long haul trucking job got in the way), his anniversary was last May.

Always The Same; Always Different

The Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show 2014 has come and gone. As always I went all three days and what a pageant and procession it was. Although the fair is very much the same in many ways every year it always seems different. On the fairgrounds there are vantage points where I just sit […]

Goodness Grows With Sarah Larkin

Sarah Larkin is the brand new owner (two months so far) of a small local nursery called “Goodness Grows” at 11201 Anderson Valley Way in Boonville that was previously owned by Greg and Wendy Ludwig and called “Tin Man Landscaping and Gardening.” Walking through this sweet garden oasis with the butterflies, bees and birds all […]