Chief Wilson Retires

“It was June of 2008 and we were standing on the borderline of a two-mile fire line watching a BIG FIRE advance toward Rancho Navarro when suddenly the ‘The Chainsaw Crusader’ appeared out of the black night. He approached a very large burning tree that was threatening to fall and breach the fire line. It […]

Lauren’s Favors Local Flavors

One afternoon when I was eating lunch with Barbara Goodell at Lauren’s Restaurant I overheard Barbara and Lauren discussing a story that was to be written about Lauren’s Restaurant with an emphasis on local food. Lauren who always has too much on her plate both literally and figuratively, was trying to find time to squeeze […]

In Loving Memory Of Henry Hill

The first thing I saw when I arrived at Henry Hill’s memorial was a live pink poodle on a leash with a pink haired lady in a pink satin blouse on the other end (Jonesy). That set the tone for a day where “Unforced laughter is encouraged and preachifying not allowed” (Captain Rainbow). The clothesline […]

Mission 4 & More!

“The BV Space Program launched a weather balloon carrying the Space Panther One (a styrofoam cooler approximately 1.5 feet square covered in Gorilla tape and filled with recording devices) at 7:55am on March 2,2013. It traveled 251.03 horizontal miles and landed in the northern Nevada desert at approximately 1:25pm. It was the Space Panther One’s […]

German Ochoa, Wildland Firefighter

This is a story of pride, perseverance and accomplishment for Anderson Valley High School Senior German Ochoa. Like all seniors German needed to pick a Senior Project. When he spoke with his teacher Jill Rathe about his plans to possibly do a ride-along with law enforcement she steered him toward a Fire Service Training Program […]

How Fair Is Our Fair?

The fairest of course! The Anderson Valley Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show is the “Mother of all Mendocino County People Watching Events.” If you missed it this year come with me on a selective tour. I was a full 15 minutes late Sunday and ended up driving right through the parade in the opposite […]

Kristofferson & Bottrell For Hendy Woods

Two famous guys stepped up to help us save Hendy Woods Park by singing their hearts out at a benefit concert in the Big White Mendocino Music Festival Tent on July 11th. I know that local landscape contractor Don Shanley was instrumental in connecting us with Kristofferson and I’m sure others played key roles- thank […]

What A Wonderful Wedding!

I was lucky to be invited to the wedding of Yutzel Alejandra Garcia and Alejandro Gonzales on Saturday June 7th. The ceremony took place at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church in Ukiah. The church is modern and traditional at the same time and filled with natural light from the ceiling. Yutzel wore a […]

School News 11/11/2009

Wild & Wilder The Fourth grade classes of Shirley Tompkins and Vickie Brock had the privilege of going back in time with Tamara Wilder who specializes in wilderness crafts. Students got a hands-on dose of the reality of Native American everyday life. Starting with soap stone chunks they used primitive (not electric, not metal) drills […]

School News

Daring To Succeed The following is a letter written to Betsy Taylor AVID teacher at AVHS by Veronica Mendoza her former student. Veronica is a student who knew what she wanted and went after it. She wanted to go to UC Davis and she achieved her goal. “Hi Ms. Taylor, I just wanted to say […]

School News 9/9/2009

 Most Memorable Students Everyone loves “Where are they now?” the part of School News that reports on what AV High graduates are up to. Last week I gave every teacher at Anderson Valley High School and Anderson Valley Elementary School a small pink paper with this request, “What some of your most memorable students are […]