California’s Great Prison Experiment

On February 22, 1998, Pete Gallagher arrived at Building 13 at Solano State Prison in Vacaville, California. It was Gallagher’s thirteenth year behind bars, and he’d already done time in Chino, Folsom, San Quentin and, most recently, the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility outside San Diego. Building 13 was large, open, fluorescent-lit and crammed with […]

John Dalton vs. Egregious Government Misconduct

John Dalton, now 58, has been in federal prison for more than 17 years on marijuana-related charges. Dalton was put in prison by rogue DEA agents who seduced his wife, making her their informant. At one point, the DEA had Dalton’s wife place a tape recorder under the couple’s bed in their Redwood Valley home. […]


If you had any doubts about just how much money there is in the pot biz, Rosebud, a “hydroponics growers’ lifestyle” mag, should put those worries to rest.

Pain in the Ass or Victim of the State?

David Gurney, “independent video journalist” and enemy of all things MLPA, was arrested last week at a Marine Life Protection Act meeting in Fort Bragg for “disrupting a legal assembly.”

Eyster: No New Evidence in Burrell Case

Jeff Burrell, the Ukiah High School teacher arrested two years ago in a high profile marijuana cultivation and possession case, was finally charged by the DA’s office two months ago. Yet Burrell’s attorney, David Eyster–also a DA candidate–says that so far, Lintott’s office hasn’t offered a shred of new evidence to warrant the charges, which […]

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