Bruce Anderson on the departure of Johanna Schultz from KZYX, from this week’s Off the Record…

Willits, Weed & Craigslist…

The three Santa Barbara guys recently busted for unloading clones on Craigslist–and for maintaining a grow house in Willits–are in good company. Medical company, of course.

A Clarification on the Death of Jeanne Huckins

In a recent story I wrote about Jeanne Huckins–a Fort Bragg woman who was found dead in early January and whose death was recently ruled a suicide–I quoted, and paraphrased, a Fort Bragg police sergeant, Phil Ward, who¬†told me that the investigation into Huckins’ death was closed and that her death hadn’t at any point […]

Free or Not Free?

We got a message from an angry fan on our Facebook page a month or so back about our biz model here at He challenged us to a debate, which we happily accepted. But our everything-should-be-free-on-the-net-challenger never showed up for the fight. I’ve posted our argument below, along with the comments we have received; […]