The Truth About John Sakowicz

John Sakowicz’s columns for the North Bay Bohemian usually concluded with a bio, a sliver of personal history to add authority to hisarguments about the country’s economic crisis: “John Sakowicz is a Sonoma County investor who was a co-founder of a multi-billion dollaroffshore hedge fund Battle Mountain Research Group.” Since that bio surfaced last year, […]

To Catch a Poacher

Ask a recreational abalone hunter on the North Coast about poaching, and the reply is invariably tinged with scorn or frustration. Their grumblings spill into Fort Bragg’s Subsurface Dive Shop, light up websites and offer clues to the Department of Fish and Game’s "CalTIP" hotline. Every once in a while, the California Department of Fish […]

Thirty Pages of Purple Chicken Scratch

As Willits contemplated the fate of Remco’s toxic legacy last month at the June 12 City Council meeting, there was one unanswered question that haunted the evening’s testimony. What happened to the audio recordings of State’s health panel meeting? The question, of course, refers to an "expert panel" convened on March 29 at UC San […]

Fear & Loathing at the Mendo Historical Review Board

Sitting at a large table at the head of the back room at the Mendocino Community Center on Monday night, Clinton Smith was furious. Smith, who looks like a scrawny Kenny Rogers (the Texan, not the infamous Mendo Republican) yanked off a pair of gold bifocals, picked up a sheet of paper and looked sternly […]

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