Redwood Summer 1990

Judi Bari promised us “the Nineties would make the Sixties seem like the Fifties,” and she damn near pulled it off almost single-handedly during “Redwood Summer.” The year 1990 started off with a bang, literally. While in Oakland, California, on May 24, 1990, on their way to the first of many planned rallies to recruit […]

The Prince Of Alienation

I wasn’t born a crazy, radical, hippie. I had a lot of help getting here over the years. My mother passed her bipolar gene on to me but I haven’t had a problem with manic-depression in almost twenty years. PTSD is my biggie. My first major trauma occurred while I was still a very impressionable teenager with an Above Top Secret clearance in US Air Force Intelligence in Germany in the late 50s.