The Most Modest of All Stars

Arky Vaughan might be the most famous Potter Valley resident ever, and he’s not famous at all. Ask the next hundred people you meet about Arky Vaughan and you’ll get a whole lot of blank stares in response. And that’s just how Arky would’ve liked it. He was a quiet man who took pains not […]

R.I.P. To The Same Different Guys

He was born in Ohio but grew up and lived all around Ukiah. As a Talmage youngster he rolled brakeless Soapbox Derby-style cars down Knob Hill Road into oncoming traffic, crashing through vineyards waiting below. At Ukiah High variety shows he was an Elvis impersonator long before there was such a thing. He was Lee […]

The Best Lawyer Money Could Not Buy

Bert Schlosser’s noisy, crazy, woozy, boozy days are gone, and so is Bert. The wildest man and the best lawyer in Mendocino County’s pond of criminal defense practitioners leaves a legacy unmatched and unmatchable. He was the out-sized giant who strode through the courthouse and through life leaving behind a trail of dazzled onlookers, many […]