Blue Uniforms & Yellow Jackets

I blame yellowjackets. If they hadn’t stung me two years ago this week I’d never have become an EMT, sitting long shifts every week in the Anderson Valley Ambulance Barn waiting for impermanence to flex its muscles on the fate of our neighbors. I am out raking hay by hand on that nice June morning […]

Going Native

Utopia isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. When Boonville resident Ken Montgomery arrived here 36 years ago, he hadn’t read the fine print in the Utopian Primer that specified making a living was part of the program. It’s not that Ken was opposed to work. One doesn’t receive degrees in subjects covering exotic […]

Six Degrees Celsius

In some circles of this country, citizens understand that 600,000 billion tons of CO2 poured into the atmosphere since 1750 has shifted Earth’s natural greenhouse effect and set in motion changes in climate. Seeing California, and in particular Mendocino County, as breeding grounds of awareness, I presumed I lived in a hotbed of activism.

In The Right Place

Late in the afternoon on May 7th, 1971, Bernie found himself on the corner of Route 128 and Cloverdale’s main street, which at the time was Highway 101 — you know, where the road comes over the hill and heads toward the sawmill. He had a backpack, $200 and intentions of reaching the coastal town […]