Abandoned Buildings List May Get Longer

A local specialty is to let our finest, prettiest, most historic buildings be purchased by strangers and then allowed to sit and rot. Encouraged to sit and rot, even. Almost 40 years have passed since our downtown jewel, the Palace Hotel, closed its doors, seemingly temporarily, only to be purchased by a confused woman of […]

ER Doc: ‘Difficult To Watch’ Covid Policy

Have you ever heard your doctor openly criticize another Ukiah doctor? Has your doctor ever told you a local medical professional is incompetent? It just doesn’t happen. I can’t imagine my doc saying “That guy wouldn’t know a stethoscope from a periscope,” or “Where’d she go to med school—the Hormel Butcher Academy”? It’s professional courtesy […]

Organic Kale in the Time of Plague

Ours is the first generation in history unyoked from the burdens that defined life for those who came before us. Our generation, ushered into a standing civilization in which all life’s bounties are provided and none of life’s difficulties are required, lives at a time like no other. FOOD so plentiful we could throw it […]

Rosie Grover: Bright Light, Long Shadow

I was at Todd Grove Park, doing nothing, and spotted a big wooden sign on the western edge across from the golf course. I walked over and checked out various plaques honoring Ukiahans. My eyes were drawn to one telling the world Rosie Marie Grover would never be forgotten. A few days later I was […]

Drugs Won The War On Drugs

The generation that has been squatting atop American society for the past half-century will soon enough be gone, thank God. The Love Generation is dying off every day, but for the good of the world and especially America it can’t happen fast enough. The Baby Boomers think of themselves as creators of a wonderful world, […]

You Pay County Pensions; Who Pays Yours?

You hear a lot of rubbish about how county employees are underpaid (ha) and that if they don’t get big raises they’ll quit and swarm down to Sonoma County (as if). I did 24 years with the county and never saw a single example of an underpaid worker, but I saw scores I thought were […]

Rodin, Landis Take Over The Journal

Reports are circulating that former city mayors Mari Rodin and Mary Ann Landis have been contacting potential financial backers in an effort to purchase the Ukiah Daily Journal; they have said they are “willing to take over as co-editors” of the paper. The following Three Act Play imagines their regime…   ACT ONE Mari Rodin: […]