Reducing Our Cancer Risk

What is the greatest risk factor for getting cancer? Tobacco? Environmental pollution? Try age. The longer we live, the more likely our chances that we’ll contract some form of cancer. Since all of us grow older every day, there’s not much we can do about that risk. But what can we do to reduce risks […]

Gimme Shelter

Here we were, on the brink of nuclear destruction, and my parents couldn’t grasp the necessity of a fallout shelter. We were a typical 1950s middle class family. Dad brought home the bacon and Mother fried it. They were glad when one payday stretched to the next. Forget money for a fallout shelter. Still I […]


They murdered the jockey within 48 hours. It took two weeks before a hiker found the trainer downstream from a hunting cabin in Idaho with two bullets in the back of the head. Golden Gate Fields racetrack sits across the bay from San Francisco. But the grandstand faces the freeway, not the water. Racetracks are […]

Hallowed Grounds: Fenway & Wrigley

During the first half of the twentieth century, Americans could count on death, taxes and the same sixteen teams in Major League Baseball. All sixteen teams huddled in the northeast quadrant of the coun­try. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Louis hosted more than one team but only the St. Louis Cardinals and Browns […]

Tickled Ticker Symbols

Back in the days of stock ticker machines, stan­dardized company abbreviations or ticker symbols reduced the costs of quotations ticked across tele­graph lines. Although ticker tape was an early casualty to the electronic revolution, ticker symbols remain. Most are staid abbreviations: WMT for Walmart, LLY for Eli Lily and MAT for Mattel. But a few […]

Barbie Turns 50!

Guess who just turned fifty?  Barbie Millicent Roberts. Most of us know her simply as “Barbie.”  In 1959 Mattel stunned the Betsy-Wetsy toy world by introducing a doll with a grown-up shape squeezed into a zebra stripe bathing suit. Barbie sported sassy sunglasses and wobbled atop open-toe black mules. The “teenage fashion model” didn’t hold […]