No Tin Foil Hats Redux

Many UFO researchers, authors and knowledgeable enthusiasts have been basking in vindication and a measure of schadenfreude after front page stories in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and revealed that the Defense Department recently ran a secret, multi-year “black budget” program to investigate UFO’s. The revelation exploded the long held belief, and […]

No Tin Foil Hats

It is a strange condition: a historical phenomenon that is potentially a huge, world-changing revelation for mankind is trivialized and ridiculed by US mainstream culture — perhaps more than any other subject. The possibility that there are intelligently operated unusual aerial vehicles (UFOs) flying in our skies, demonstrating capabilities far superior to our most advanced […]

Not A Mad Tea Party

Driving up Lambert Lane in Boonville Saturday afternoon I wondered whether we’d encounter any “angry old white people” dressed in colonial costume and waving hand lettered misspelled signs. We were arriving for what was advertized as “A Community Meeting and Tea Party.” It was actually going to be a chance to meet state assemblyman Jared […]

Frankenfood Inc. Attacks! (Again)

The name sounds like it could be the moniker of a really bad hombre – the arrogant, cold-hearted, bandolier clad bandito in a Spaghetti Western who rides down from the mountains with his grizzled gang to terrorize the humble villagers, demanding their meager harvest, livestock and occasionally a young daughter. “Oh no! It’s Monsanto!” Indeed, […]