At the Oakland Zoo

I’m no great fan of the viewing zoo but that ark part gets my attention all the time. Time’s up for so many species that at the zoo may eventually be all that’s left of a lot of them.

Mountain Aligning

My friend Fred works for the Mountain Lion Foundation. Can’t have a foundation without mountain lions so we must be doing something right here in California. Fred’s official title has to do with legal and technical but he does a bit more than that: like advising and instructing ranch owners and many more with some […]


In your life you must go to Yellowstone. If you can’t or haven’t, come on, come along. I was a tour bus driver and a park ranger there for several seasons. I’ve been taking folks who have never been for years, always early October — the tourist crowds of summer have gone and all the […]

The Blue Bus

“If you ever plan to lower West…” take Greyhound, not exactly the best. From Charlottesville, Virginia across to Sacramento. Blame it on Trump. I flew east mto Dulles, DC and wanted to slow-celebrate Hillary’s victory back across those bus stops of America. Well, we know how that turned out. But I decided to do something […]

The National Mall, The Corps, The Call, The Fort

My brother lives in Charlottesville Virginia and is employed as a supervisor and tour guide at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. My brother Bob now gives a somewhat new slavery tour of Monticello. TJ was a slave owner. All seems most appropriate for our tour of the new National Museum.

The National Indian Museum

Wounded Knee. Enough said? Reason enough to be going to Washington DC to see the new National Museum of the American Indian. Not that the massacre history of the tribes in the museum’s historic intent, but… One other personally pertinent reason? The state Indian Museum in Sacramento at Sutter’s Fort. I had the privilege of […]

Waveland Avenue

Of course I couldn’t wait. Waveland Avenue. Of course it’s the street outside the left-field wall of Wrigley Field, Chicago. I’d been doing some Frank Lloyd Wright, some Hemingway, in Chicago and some Buddy Holly out in Iowa. Back in Chicago to go home to California. Of course, a game in May in Wrigley. Cubs […]

A Day ‘In’ The Bike

I have not owned a car since 1987 for both financial and earth-wise reasons. When I need to I will rent a car. What a pleasure, once I figure out all the buttons. No gears, no speeds on my red cruiser bike. No hills in Sacramento and I’m not ridng any great distances so pedal […]

Legal High — Mile High

Legal marijuana. I never thought I’d see it happen, not in my lifetime. Legalized medical marijuana is one thing, but now the states of Colorado and Washington have legal marijuana. I never thought. My life-time of smoking marijuana began in about 1968, just about every day since, lots of Zig-Zag joints at one time, mostly […]

Change The Name!

I saw grizzlies in Yellowstone in October. About as close as you can come to going back to native worship. I stopped again at Little Bighorn on the way back home. About as close as you can come to native destruction. As Hemingway said, “Winner take nothing…” With those two monumentals rolling around in my […]

New York’s Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, the now immortal New York Yankee. I add in New York because that’s where I grew up, a blue blooded, pinstriped Yankee fan. But fear not, I’ve lived a longer life here in Northern California so it’s now all our San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s all the time and in that order. […]

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