In Memoriam, Janice Blue, 1942-2017

I take this opportunity to add a few words of remembrance concerning Janice Blue. It was only last night I sought information by internet server as to what became of her, itself an interesting coincidence. I was also at the 2009 reading referenced in the article today by Sharon Doubiago, who like her subject, Janice […]

“Sanford Fare Well” Honors Marathoner and Jazz Poet

Sanford Dorbin, who died May 27, 2014, will be honored in the jazz-poetry program “Sanford Fare Well” next Wednesday, May 27, 2015. It commemorates his life as Mendocino County resident, activist, long-distance runner, and especially as lifelong jazz poet and aficionado, ––as well as recalling a vanished era of Willits life. “Sanford Fare Well” takes […]

Bye-Bye Bypass?

The Willits freeway bypass funds at risk? Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. Has the experience of thousands of small towns, hundreds of cities, tons of pollution, lungs full of poison, shortened lives, lost community and peace of mind, crime, speed and killing in hopped-up freeway toyland, i.e., America, finally trickled down to off-the-beaten-track Mendocino County so that Ft. […]