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Posts published by “Zack Anderson”

The Ten Mile Killer

The Roaring Twenties had just begun to roar, you couldn't buy a drink in Ukiah but you could in Point Arena, brothels catering to the…

Historical False Positives

The realities behind certain public health victories.

The Long, Dark Shadow of Millard Means

On the evening of May 28, 1915, 25-year-old Clarence Tracy set out on horseback from his mother's home in the Cummings-Spy Rock district, northern Mendocino…

Ode To The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree store is heaven on earth, A strip mall version of a miracle birth. Candy and incense and napkins and jam, Put your…

F. Scott Fitzgerald Bites the Big Apple

Excerpted from "The Lost City," the author describes his time in New York City, 1936.

The Ballad of Ron and Dorinda

In 1986 two incarcerated lovebirds escaped via helicopter from a co-ed prison.