Tacitus on the Britons

Tacitus (c.55 CE – c.120 CE) was a Roman historian and senator who may have spent his early years in northeastern Gaul. One of the primary concerns of Tacitus in his various written works (including histories of the Roman Empire) was the growing power of the Emperor, the corruption of the élite and the concessions […]

It’s a Small World Afterall (May 1, 2002)

Summer is on San Francisco’s doorstep, right there with the drunk vagrants lying in their own urine, flyers for a sweet-fluff club called “Sixxteen” touting glam-rock bacchanalia, and chinese and pizza delivery menus offering delicacies invented in cramped greasepits all over the globe. Usually I don’t pay attention to the menus since, like a missile-maker […]

Morbid Diary

From the diary of John Stewart Mill.March 27 (1854) – Surely one of the most certain of the fruits to be expected hereafter from the progress of knowledge and good sense will be that nobody, unless killed by accident, will quit life without having completed the allotted term of threescore and ten. March 28 – […]

Out in the Great Alone

           “I landed Anchorage in the middle of the night. The next morning, I drove an hour north to Wolf Lake Airport, a private airfield near Wasilla. You know those old photo-backdrop screens that little kids in department stores used to have their portraits taken in front of? It was like driving into one of […]

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