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Posts published in “Essays”

Valley Oaks RV Park?

Some Mendocino County folks are gasping about the possibility of the shuttered Valley Oaks food and wine center in Hopland, once known globally for its magnificent organic gardens, becoming an RV park.


The Sonoran Desert which surrounds Tucson and extends down into Mexico is hardly like the sandy Sahara Desert of elementary school lore. No endless sea…

Road Notes—Railroad, That Is

Leaving Union Station in LA, southbound, the first thing one sees is the jailhouse. We are immedately reminded that things could be worse. The building…

Bum Rap for Harry, Not for Bubba Bill

Even though he’s had to perform all the usual acts of contrition, tumid with “deep regrets” and “sincere apologies” Harry Reid of Nevada is surely getting a bum rap.

Searching For Hope In Haiti

As if Haitians have not suffered enough already, living in what is often identified as “the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere,” now the earth…

Farm To Farm

As I was milking the cows Friday evening, meditating and watching udders deflate while the pulsator clicked a rhythm on the floor tank, it occurred…

From the Blogs: Mendo Media Goes Pop

The company that owns most of the newspapers in Mendocino County--along with most print media in Northern California--is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.