Emergency Services News

EOA Coming Apart at the Seams; Ambulance Staffing Problems; Siren Test Fails Miserably; Forest Service Refusing to Reimburse Local Fire Agencies for Strike Teams. Plus: Fire Department’s Popular “Living With Wildfire” Series; and a New Tent Application Process. The “Exclusive Operating Area” for inland ambulance services is starting to come apart at the seams. Not […]

Reggae On The River: The Magical Years

The fabled Reggae on the River festival has been through more trials and tribulations than your average 30-something native Californian, with a real rough patch in recent years due to disorganization, in-fighting, and financial struggles. The result has been an extended identity crisis. But considering some near-death experiences over the past decade or so, the […]

Valley People (May 15, 2019)

FREDA FOX, Anderson Valley’s most senior Senior Citizen has died. A full obituary to appear next week. Freda’s interesting back story is available at: https://avalleylife.wordpress.com/2009/03/ MUCH of the Anderson Valley was shocked and saddened to learn last week that Steve Mize had died, family and friends at his Napa hospital bedside when he passed Sunday […]

Committee Implodes, Takes Down Newbie

It crept out of the shadows like a slime thing and presented itself at the Fort Bragg city council meeting wrapped in ambiguity. It was a little plot, a one-man power grab. It was ugly but a little silly, certainly not a threat, and no problem for the City Council. They disposed of it with […]

Ed & Me

Why does Ed Denson get to eat hamburgers, french fries, and a milk shake and I don’t? Why does Ed get to live for now, eat anything he wants, and I have to worry about the future? Unlike the rest of us nobodies Ed is a Somebody. When people were posting birthday greetings on his […]

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