Sacred Herb & the Rev’s Two o’Clock Shock

The raiding party, dressed in ninja black, gathered at two in the morning on November 18, 2005 outside a doublewide trailer on County Road 307 on the outskirts of Laytonville. The trick to raiding is knowing which rural residences are stash houses, and in this case, pretty much everyone in town knew about it. They […]

Rosie Grover: Bright Light, Long Shadow

I was at Todd Grove Park, doing nothing, and spotted a big wooden sign on the western edge across from the golf course. I walked over and checked out various plaques honoring Ukiahans. My eyes were drawn to one telling the world Rosie Marie Grover would never be forgotten. A few days later I was […]

Most Iraq/Afghanistan Vets Now Regret the Mission

“Trump’s Opposition to ‘Endless Wars’ Appeals to Those Who Fought Them” read the headline above a front-page story by Jennifer Steinhauer in the New York Times November 1. The percentage of vets deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan who disapprove of US intervention there has almost doubled since 2011! Key excerpts follow. “Among veterans, 64 percent […]

Introducing Judge Pekin

When I first saw Patrick Pekin walk out of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Station as I pulled into the parking lot I didn’t know what he looked like and guessed he was some college kid visiting the station for a term paper or something. Up close with his grayish hair and short straight-across bangs he […]

Off the Record (November 13, 2019)

THE BRITISH have a useful phrase to describe phonies: “rum characters.” The rummest character ever happens to be our president. But most of the Democrats pursuing him are also rum characters. Beto O’Rourke is among the rumm-est characters on the national stage, with Little Rum, Mayor Pete, running a close second. Anybody whose Rum Detector […]

The Sheriff is a Realist

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said something America needed to hear on ’60 Minutes’ last Sunday (October 27). The segment, narrated by Sharon Alfonsi and entitled “Growing Pains for Legal Weed,” was making the point that unlicensed growers are taking business away from growers who obtained the costly permits required after California legalized marijuana for […]

An Afternoon at C.V. Starr

Cutler Crowell, 71, has lived in Fort Bragg for many years where he’s raised a family and enjoys an unblemished reputation. Age has taken its inevitable toll, especially on Crowell’s back. Swimming is the only vigorous exercise left to him. He gets that necessary daily workout at the C.V. Starr Community Center, a large swimming […]

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