AV Land Trust Sues Peachland Family

About a year ago I found myself in the Ukiah Court house, being sued by Barbara Goodell, Steve Wood, Karen Alteras, and others. Why did the Anderson Valley Land Trust in downtown Boonville sue me?  I will try to answer this question as best I can. I was born on upper Peachland Road in 1974 […]

Harm Reduction

If there is one thing that sticks in the collective conservative craw (and I assure you there are many and various such indigestibles on their menu; one imagines a fussy two-year-old scowling stubbornly, arms folded, as the plane loaded with liberal ideas circles fruitlessly outside the hangar), it’s the phrase harm reduction. Absurd, you say. […]

Cold War Casualty

We had blackout curtains on the window of our elementary school. They were supposed to protect us from the burns of the flash when the atomic bomb went off and saturated the room in a shower of glass shrapnel. By the time we were in the fifth grade we had all seen the movie newsreels […]

Valley People (January 15, 2020)

GEORGE GOWAN was found dead last week at his home on Floodgate Creek off Gschwend Road. Controversial among his neighbors for the accumulation of vehicles on the property, Mr. Gowan provided a kind of sanctuary for adrift locals. An estranged son of the late George and Mildred Gowan, he was 77 upon his death, and had […]

Mr. Rat: Rats & A Boy Who Loved One

I have rats, which I suppose is another way of saying that I have a place for rats to be, a fact for which I am surpassingly grateful. Once you’ve experienced even a casual acquaintanceship with the condition of houselessness your perspective shifts and all the granted-taking-for of a roof and four walls, presuming you […]

Making Bricks in Mendocino County

Historians undertake to date a building’s construction and sometimes they turn to the common brick used in it. Believe it or not we’ve had history professors visit the county who make tracing the origin of bricks their specialty. In 1984 Professor Margaret Henry of San Francisco State had fun dating bricks discovered around the Kelley […]

Performance Anxiety

How did I get into this? As a kid that was the inevitable question of concert day. I still ask it now and again. One of my colleagues, to be heard on violin with your Musical Patriot at the organ on All Your Cares Beguile: Songs and Sonatas from Baroque London will often acknowledge his […]

Lessons in Skepticism

There might be a significant plot twist coming in the tale of the seemingly impending affiliation of the coast hospital with Adventist Health. Or it might just be a tease to get you to read beyond the autobiographical meanderings.  I sometimes tell people I was born with a skeptical spoon in my mouth or with […]

The Fort Bragg Mill Site: The ‘Big Fail’

I feel like one of those guys you used to see in a robe with a sandwich sign saying “The end is near.” I go from meeting to meeting, article to article, blowing my little horn and the busy world just moves around me. I keep on asking the question and our elected representatives keep […]

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