Illogic & Waste at the Building Department

This is my story of my recent experience with the Building Department for Mendocino County. It is probably not going to be a surprising story for anyone who has had to deal with this department but if my experience is typical, things really need to change. Before I get started, I want to say that […]

The Ranch Fire: Cause Of

The 2018 Ranch fire was the largest wildfire in California history, scorching over 410,000 acres throughout Colusa, Glenn, Lake and Mendocino counties. The Ranch fire was one of two fires, the other being the River fire, that made up the Mendocino Complex fire. Combined with the River fire, the Mendocino Complex fire burned over 459,000 […]

In Cahoots with Mendo

Mendo’s slow-moving Measure B Oversight Committee continued its slow pace last Wednesday, August 28, in spite of the Grand Jury’s attempt to get them off their collective asses.  In June, the Grand Jury urged the Measure B committee and the County to “act with a sense of urgency” adding, that they were “concerned about the […]

Whose Voice Is It Anyway?

I realized I wanted to be a voice actor at my mother’s funeral. Dramatic, but true. I had been playing with the idea for quite a while but it was this event that pulled my heart and mind into the sharpest focus. My mother, Emma Tennant, was a novelist who had over 50 books published […]

Patriots Make America Great Again

Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Opening Day 9-8-19, Steelers at Patriots, pregame – As often happens here in the South Shore, sugaring starts right around Super Bowl time, early February, when it’s below freezing at night, but daytime temperatures reach the low 40’s and above. We have a little backyard sugaring operation with about 15 taps right here […]

Off the Record (Sep. 11, 2019)

THE WINDOWLESS FORTRESS on Low Gap Road called Ukiah High School launched into lockdown for half an hour one afternoon last week because of a vague student comment involving a weapon. School architecture itself was weaponized by Ukiah and most American communities in the 1960s, as a comparison between any new school anywhere compared to […]

Valley People (Sep. 11, 2019)

IF YOU’VE NEVER experienced a Boonville Fair, this weekend it’s on, on, on! Fun stuff for children of all ages. I try to get down to the Fairgrounds early afternoon of the opening Friday, when everything’s still fresh, often seeing people not seen in many a moon. Last couple of years there’s been something of […]

Barred from Viewing Controversial SF Murals

Sometimes San Francisco really sucks. It sucked one cold, foggy day last week when I tried to get into George Washington High School to see the controversial murals painted in the 1930s, under the aegis of the New Deal, by a commie named Victor Arnautoff. The friendly Samoan security guard told me “No Way. No […]

PG&E Returns

Last July 16 PG&E sent a youngish guy named Matt Pender, PG&E’s “Director, Community Wildfire Safety Program Program Management Office,” to a Supes meeting to explain their planned Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) program for the 2019 fire season. It didn’t go well. Pender was very ill prepared. He not only had little if any […]

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