Chicken Ridge Penumbras

  The preliminary hearing into the shoot-out on Chicken Ridge, Covelo, was put off again last week. It’s a confused event involving a large cast of characters that includes rap musicians from Los Angeles, rap musicians from Sacramento and a white snitch from the Columbia River at the Dalles, Oregon. To clarify: three black guys […]

Valley People

ON SUNDAY, April 25, after hearing equipment operating nearby for several days, some long-time owners of property on the Nash Ranch asked an able bodied neighbor to investigate for them what was going on. He discovered that another neighbor had trespassed onto the friends’ property and was in the process of excavating a pond with […]

Dredging Up Fees; Building Fences

At the beginning of last week’s Board of Supervisors meeting Fifth District Supervisor David Colfax asked if anyone knew what happened to the mud recently dredged from Noyo Harbor. “Is it dredged up material or is it part of the stream, which changes it?” asked Colfax, “it” apparently a reference to the Noyo’s seemingly unaltered […]

How Cameron Carpenter Blew It In Ithaca

Nothing is more ephemeral than a concert. Once played it is gone. A recording cannot reproduce or even fully recall it. Such documents are at best approximations. Yet concerts both great and ghastly have a kind of afterlife not only on vinyl, CD or iPod, but in what people say about them. Nothing substitutes for […]

Liquor Tax Hits Barrel-Aged Beers

When Bison Brewing Company’s bourbon barrel-aged brown ale goes to tap late this spring, the brewery’s owner, Dan Del Grande, may be required by a new law to pay a hefty liquor tax to state collectors. That’s because the Berkeley-based Bison, like scores of other craft breweries in the United States, has been hit by […]

Mugged: Toward Maturity

It was one of my first visits to Northern California. Still in high school, I had wandered up thru Marin, Mendocino and Humboldt counties; I’d seen redwoods and the amazing rugged coast for the first time, slept in the Ukiah post office to get out of the rain, visited one of my best friends at […]

Twisted Tales of Torture

As of Monday morning, Jack S. Towers was looking at 14 felony counts related to the beating of his girlfriend, loving her nearly to death, you might say. As of Tuesday morning, Jack S. Towers had pled guilty to two felonies: corporal injury to a spouse and kidnapping the spouse to do it. The People […]