The Father of a Righteous Child Has Great Joy

Joseph Gates was acquitted last Wednesday of assault with a deadly weapon, a knife, against his own dear old dad, an anthropologist for the California Energy Commission, Thomas Gates, PhD. What Joseph Gates really did, as opposed to the patently false charges brought against him by his progenitor, was fail to live up to his […]

Ward Stories (June 12, 1991)

A joint called Polo’s on Mason near Market, needing another bartender, put an ad in the paper the other day. Fifty applicants showed up.  Polo’s is seeking to make it as a sports bar/restaurant. Several of the employees used to work for Enrico Banducci, who left them holding thousands in uncashable paychecks when his place […]

‘Perfect Storm’ Wreaks Ecosystem Havoc

A researcher has reported on the North Coast’s shocking degree of deforestation – not on land, but underwater, as 93 percent of the region’s ocean kelp forests have been decimated in a “perfect storm” of adverse conditions.  The loss of most the North Coast’s bull kelp forests was reported during a July 18 webinar lecture […]

With Calum

I met two young men in the dark and lonely intersection at Little Lake Road and the Coast Highway on Wednesday night. I was on my way back home, walking up Little Lake, past the ballfield in Friendship Park. It was very dark, but I had a small flashlight and I was reassured by the […]

The Summer of Apollo 11

The fast approaching 50th anniversary of the successful launch, landing upon the Moon, and recovery of Apollo 11 this week seems an auspicious and fitting occasion to remember my father and some of our times. My father is 87 years old. His name is Skip, and odds are will turn 88 on the 27th of […]

Two Mendo Kids Run Off to Join the Circus

The world, filled as it is with war, poverty, corrupt officialdom and all manner of skullduggery, doesn’t often give us reporters the chance to set aside the necessary cynicism of our chosen profession to write about something joyous, and maybe even have a bit of fun in the process. So it was with a light […]

Off the Record (July 17, 2019)

CEO CARMEL ANGELO does not own or drive a Tesla, as incorrectly reported here last week with the implication that the lushly compensated county CEO was high hattin’ it over  the county’s under-compensated line workers. We regret errors of fact and make haste to correct them, which isn’t to say that we’re particularly mourning this […]