Letters (Dec. 26, 2018)

I just about fell out of my chair when I read in the most recent Off the Record that you seem to have thrown in your lot with the magical thinking brigades who will never give up on the dream of resurrecting the rotting ruins of the Palace Hotel.

Anderson Valley Wine History (Part 1)

Winegrowing and winemaking are such important parts of Anderson Valley today that it seem strange to realize that they are relative newcomers. The Valley is one of the most beautiful and productive areas of California’s North Coast region with a rich and colorful history. White men first came to Mendocino County in the 1830s when […]

Triple Piano Concertos

[Jan 26, 27] The stage of the Mendocino College Center Theatre will be chock full of music on the weekend of January 26-27–in terms of both musical instruments and the talented people who play them. The Ukiah Symphony presents Triple Piano Concertos!!!, a full program of classical music by Grieg and Tchaikovsky, along with concertos […]

To the Master of the Anti-Carol & Holiday Jeer

Against-the-grain singer and piano man Bob Dorough died this past April at the age of 94. His singular approach to song will always be associated for me—and countless others—with the season. So here, just in time for Christmas, is a tribute to the departed bebopper after a long life, richly lived and sung. An armchair […]

County Notes (Dec. 26, 2018)

The question of how to finance necessary roof repairs at the County admin center, the main jail, and the emergency operations center was magically solved on Tuesday by simply taking $1 million from reserves.

Of Lawmen and Lawbreakers

In the 1800s the Mendocino County Sheriff held a second job, that of tax collector. In the autumn of each year this duty entailed traveling throughout the county, gathering thousands of dollars at each stop along the way. For several months in 1879 a band of outlaws conspired in a plot to rob the sheriff […]