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Posts published in “Day: October 4, 2020

MCT: Monday, October 5, 2020

High Pressure;
Over 1000;
Over 1000000;
Enforcement Crucial;
Log Crossing;
Early Mendocino;
Mendo Appellation;
Horse-powered Thresher;
Draft Beer;
Stupid & Smart;
Donkey Operator;
Ed Notes;
Fort Braggers;
Yesterday's Catch;
Diversionary Tactics;
Coast Church;
Obama Perceptions;
Cat Rule;
Trumper Reception;
Testing Reality;
Tax Rate;
Impeaching Johnson;
Rand Interview;
Information Pollution;
Found Object

Northern California Tragedies (Nov. 12, 1997)

The harvest sun slips behind the hills surrounding the Shodakai Casino on the Coyote Valley Rancheria where, in a walnut grove, Wailaki Indian Eugene “Bear”…

MCT: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Scaramella Birthday;
Dominating Ridge;
Evacuation Order;
20 Deaths;
Boonville Monitor;
Hillside Burning;
Grape Harvest;
Under Siege;
Cat Special;
Criminal Element;
Coast Logging;
A'Dair Article;
Pudding Creek;
Downtown Mendocino;
Drug History;
Ed Notes;
Dark Foreboding;
Concrete Obstacles;
1970s Mendosa's;
Osbourn Sentenced;
Yesterday's Catch;
Confused Cult;
Bob Gibson;
Seafoam Wreck;
Prop 15;
Airborne Jalopy;
Public Health;
Cuffey's Class;
Pepys Disasters;
Men Friends;
Golden Gate;
Grotesque Environment;
Not Scared;
Covid Documentary;
Guilfoyle Article;
Imagine Driving;
Marco Radio;
Free Speech;
Climate Politics;
Trivia Answers;
Found Objects