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Posts published in “Day: October 10, 2020

The Trial of Ken Hayes & Mike Foley

In May, 1999, two men who ran CHAMP, a cannabis dispensary in San Francisco's Castro district —Ken Hayes, then 33, and Mike Foley, 34— were…

Place Names on the Mendocino Coast

To historians maps are a time trap—just ask the folks at the Kelley House Museum in Mendocino. A map inspection can turn from a quick…

Evacuations Reduced

August Complex – Evacuation Orders Reduced to Warnings in Area of Bell Springs and Island Mt

MCT: Saturday, October 10, 2020

Scant Showers;
Noyo Ferry;
Covid Indoors;
1035 Cases;
Public Safety;
Redwood Horse;
Prison Mess;
Albion Mill;
Halloween Parade;
Mendocino Town;
Flu Shots;
Ox Team;
Thunder Plea;
Dubious Raids;
PA Council;
Phase 3;
Stop Work;
Wrong Place;
Proprietor Buckaloo;
Streetscape Update;
Yesterday's Catch;
Brown Violations;
CAMP 2020;
Kinkade Glow;
Covid Plans;
Sheep Yard;
GOP Option;
Women Ranchers;
Price Ammo;
Reporter Attacked;
Bi-polar Nation;
Nuclear Brink;
Earth Behaved;
Famous Quotes;
Fear Not;
Found Object

Bad Mondegreens (November 17, 1999)

In the 1950s a kid standing next to me in church was singing along with "America the Beautiful," ending with "stand beside her, and guide…