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Posts published in “Day: October 12, 2020

MCT: Monday, October 12, 2020

Pleasant Day;
Cleared Air;
Missing Person;
Voting Question;
1045 Cases;
Thank Wes;
Old Caspar;
Destroying Ukiah;
Worker Housing;
Ghost Bragg;
Navarro Estuary;
Chain Stores;
Fo Mo;
Log Train;
Interesting RFP;
Mendocino Bluff;
Eagle Stalking;
Weed Thievery;
Ring Pawn;
Supe Forum;
Two Piers;
Ed Notes;
Westport Views;
Bathroom Break;
Missing Scarecrow;
Difficult Arrest;
Yesterday's Catch;
No Name;
Germ World;
Socialist Plots;
Nuclear Warning;
Carved Trumpkin;
Twitter Patter;
Radical Movement;
Collapse Continues;
Dean Hospitalized;
On Aging;
Found Object

Dope and the 11-Year-Old (November 17, 1999)

When 11-year-old Spencer Musgrave appeared at Laytonville’s combined elementary and middle school on a recent Monday morning, the first thing he did was head for…