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Posts published in “Day: October 15, 2020

Mari Rodin Announcement

District 2 supervisor candidate Mari Rodin has circulated an email which says in part, “Last week I learned I have cancer. I do not know…

Evacuation Updates

August Complex – West Zone, Status of Evacuations in Mendocino County

MCT: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Offshore Winds;
Widespread Outages;
Whetstone Murder;
Albion Vintage;
Bypass Fatality;
1063 Cases;
Smith Sentencing;
Early Logging;
McCarthy Scholarship;
Caspar Mill;
Estate Sale;
Snapback Assistance;
U-Hauler Popped;
Gauntlet Running;
Old Bridges;
Ed Notes;
Mushroomy Things;
Water Trucks;
Big Boxing;
Early Rockport;
Phase 3;
Supports Expansion;
Don't Rush;
Pot Ag;
Redneck Republicans;
Yesterday's Catch;
Ulu Loa;
Coming Attractions;
Dear Justices;
Turning Blue;
Dory Dan;
Railroading Assange;
Found Object