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Posts published in “Day: October 17, 2020

MCT: Saturday, October 17, 2020

Winds Diminish;
Cases Slowing;
Voting Info;
Grease Grange;
Pot Expansion;
Sue Miller;
Dory Dan;
Skull Found;
Fatal Pass;
Big Catch;
Ed Notes;
Cleone House;
Sheriff's Term;
Black Beetle;
Patricide Charges;
Streetscape Update;
Renewal Show;
Village Events;
Driftwood Horse;
Garcia Guild;
Surf Fishing;
Ugly GRT;
Jughandle Bridge;
CVFD Grants;
Yesterday's Catch;
California Changes;
Sign Carving;
Soft Science;
Log Train;
Damn Kids;
Undercover Agents;
Trump Support;
Window Gaze;
Financial Interest;
Malign Neglect;
2020 Endorsements;
Wall Tax;
Why Hunter;
Vote Out;
Organized Evil;
Little Engine;
Economic Squeeze;
Master Juggler;
Marco Radio;
Found Object

Destroying Ukiah a Decade at a Time

When homeless problems arose in Ukiah 30 or so years ago, citizens responded by giving handfuls of spare change to people on the outs. This…