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Posts published in “Day: October 23, 2020

Evacuations Lifted

[Oct 23] August Complex – All Evacuation Orders and Warnings Lifted in Mendocino County

Slaughterhouse Blues

Petite Teton Farm, Yorkville — We're still here. The smoke has mostly cleared (at least it no longer looks dirty orange).  It's back up to…

MCT: Friday, October 23, 2020

Winds Weaken;
Evacuations Lifted;
Shots & Testing;
1121 Cases;
Final Debate;
Old Greenwood;
B Promise;
Lieutenant Comer;
P-39 Crash;
Albion 1960s;
Sign Theft;
FB Sub;
Gulch Falls;
Chestnut U-pick;
LakeCo Help;
Sergeant Wyant;
Old Coast;
Ed Notes;
Greatest Nation;
Yesterday's Catch;
PA Lighthouse;
Prop 19;
Willits Vintage;
Scrabble Diet;
Golden Gate;
Fireproof Homes;
Anatomy Art;
Daisugi Technique;
Crop Insurance;
Hippie Scene;
Still Angry;
California Commitments;
Spring Moon;
Trump's Password;
Dream Song;
Found Object