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Posts published in “Day: October 27, 2020

Mendo Reopening

[Oct 27] Mendocino County Public Health was alerted today by the State that our county has officially entered the Red Tier 2

Comments on Hiatus

Due to technical issues, comments on this website will be unavailable for a short spell. We'll be performing a major upgrade to the site, soon…

A View from the Right (Jan. 28, 2004)

When I ordered my last group of remaindered books from Edward R. Hamilton, I included one called “Death of the West,” thinking it had to…

Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis is credited with the admonition that, “when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. Could…

MCT: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Very Dry;
SoCal Wildfires;
1136 Cases;
Open Halloween;
Navarro Ducks;
Ballot Info;
Thirsty River;
Mayor Resigns;
Harvest Time;
General Trivia;
Caspar PO;
Gualala Highway;
Skate Park;
Lumber Store;
Uncle Festering;
Beach Buildings;
New California;
Mendo Rocks;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday's Catch;
Happy Melania;
Elk Bluff;
Diluted Duck;
Coast Construction;
Dishonest Times;
Huckleberry Handshake;
Blank Pages;
Cat Portrait;
San Antonio;
Green Vote;
Punching In;
Wokester Corral;
Soul Hurt;
Goat Reverie;
Found Object