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Posts published in October 2020

Red Flag Warning Extended

[PD] A red flag warning for the North Bay mountains and Glass fire burn area has been extended through early Saturday, meaning hot, dry, windy…

August Complex Update

[Oct 1] Fire Update: August Complex (South Zone) Size: 955, 513 acres Containment: 51% Personnel: 2,048 Start Date: August 17, 2020  Cause: Lightning Structures Threatened: 2,200 Structures Destroyed: 100  YESTERDAY’S ACTIVITIES: The newly…

MCT: Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hot Wind;
Smoke Covered;
Power Supply;
Another Death;
Free Testing;
Spider Web;
Village Zoom;
Low Flow;
Small Claims;
Calistoga Moonrise;
Worst Thing;
Philo Bridge;
Japanese School;
Various Scams;
Debate Watching;
Ed Notes;
Jimmy 96;
Lit Poetry;
Vintage Ukiah;
Fifty Grand;
Rodenticide Ban;
Patel Plan;
Yesterday's Catch;
Pinche Jose;
Moderator Fatigue;
Drake Forever;
Stand By;
All Lost;
Genre Deterioration;
Amazing Feat;
Clown vs Clown;
Unwatchable Charade;
Elections Nowadays;
Ordinary Joe;
Decadent Language;
Prop 22;
Raisin Sun