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Posts published in “Day: November 25, 2020

Mendocino County Today: November 25, 2020

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Helter Skelter Winter Shelter

At the November 17 meeting of Mendocino County's Board of Supervisors an ordinance passed effectively approving a temporary group care facility without a Use Permit,…

Windfalls, Waste & Capitulation

Outgoing Supervisor John McCowen has been effectively neutered by CEO Carmel Angelo. She continues to keep the Board, especially McCowen, at arm’s length since Supervisors…

Off the Record (November 25, 2020)

FRANCE has enacted a national law mandating that markets to give unsold food to the people who need it, and boyo boyo do we need…

Letters (November 25, 2020)

$10.9 million for a Hobo Hotel in Ukiah? Get mad? No. Ask questions? Yes. Your tax dollars at work? Not really. Stuffing corrupt pockets all the way down the line.

Valley People (November 25, 2020)

DON’T MISS THIS ONE! On December 3, at 10:30am, the North Coast Regional Water Quality Board will be addressing questions concerning the proposed wastewater treatment…