The Raps and the Wrap Up (Part 5)

Prosecutor Kevin Davenport looks like a 6’4″ Clark Kent. He’s in his early 40s and wears dark, conservative suits. He looks like a movie prosecutor. Or a mortician. The grandson of famed Bay Area attorneys Carl and the late Helen Shapiro, Davenport is the first prosecutor in a family of defense lawyers. He has no […]

Who Are These Kids? (Part 4)

August Stuckey didn’t know Tai Abreu and Aaron Channel well. They regarded him as “goofy” and “at least ten degrees off.” But Channel had a generous way about him that made allowances for outcasts. He was kind to them, defended them, and Channel felt especially sorry for the friendless Stuckey. He, too, had been harassed […]

Mendo Justice Gets the Case (Part 3)

District Attorney Vroman saw the case against the three young co-defendants who were involved in the murder of Donald Perez as emphatically open and just as emphatically shut.  “Each one of them was charged and the implication was different in each one. We got an L-WOP (life without the possibility of parole) on Abreu. The […]

The Interview, The Victim (Part 2)

Detective Kevin Bailey is a youthful, fit-looking man in his mid-thirties. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy. Bailey is close enough in age and general experience to the young people he mostly deals with to understand their formative social and cultural influences. Hip to youth idiom, Bailey throws a lot of “dudes” into […]

One Murder, Four Deaths (Part 1)

Two days after the September 11th everyone will always remember, a lithe 39-year-old ex-Marine named Donald Perez took $200 out of his savings and headed north for Mendocino County. Perez was on the road in anticipation of another sexual romp with an 18-year-old Fort Bragg man child named August Stuckey.  By 10am Friday, September 14th, […]