Doc Standley’s First Arrest, 1866 (Part 4)

Once they were on the trail a ways south from Usal, Standley, however, did unlock Jerry Bailey’s right hand and fastened the left cuff to the pommel, making it more comfortable for Bailey to ride. They made it to Whipple’s Ten Mile ranch in eight and a half hours, with a food and water stop […]

Doc Standley’s First Arrest, 1866 (Part 3)

The deputy mounted, shook himself down into the saddle, then stood in the stirrups. ‘Raise the blind,’ Standley called. The mule took on his favorite jackknife position. Doc described it this way, “With little resistance, I could force my saddle either direction and at once commenced to use my whip and spurs (I have learned […]

Doc Standley’s First Arrest, 1866 (Part 2)

A party of men, including Bailey rode to Leggett Valley where they found Johnson Heacock’s severed head still stuck to the long pole thrust into the ground on the dead man’s property. They took it down and buried the head nearby. A search of the premises found no trace of Agnes Heacock. To the white […]

Doc Standley’s First Arrest, 1866 (Part 1)

This is the story of the first arrest made by the famous Mendocino County lawman Jeremiah “Doc” Standley. The arrest took place in November, 1866, but to fully understand the tale we must go back to 1855. In that year a man named Johnson Heacock put down roots in the lower end of Leggett Valley. […]