Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Fred R. Buonanno

I met Fred at his Philo Ridge Vineyards tasting room in downtown Boonville. With manager Jill Derwinski holding the fort we sat down and, with a bottle of delicious pinot gris at hand, began our conversation. Fred was born in Trenton, New Jersey on July 26th, 1956 to parents Fred Sr. and Molly McKnight. Both […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: David Jackness

I met with David on Anderson Valley Way where he lives with life-partner Regine Schwenter. We enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea and sat down to chat. David was born in 1941 in New York City to parents William Jackness and Rosalind Schiff who were both first generation Americans. His paternal grandfather was from a […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Jerry Karp

I met with Jerry at the home he and wife Stephanie bought a few years ago on Ornbaun Road on the outskirts of Boonville. Jerry was born on July 4th, 1955 in Newark, New Jersey the second of two children born to parents Joseph Karp and Elinor Rosenberg, the first being older sister Martha, born […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Joe Dresch

I met with the former Philo Post Master, Joe Dresch, at his Russian River Estates home in the hills a few miles southeast of Ukiah. Although officially retired, Joe has managed to get himself hired by friends to work at their winery in Hopland a few days a week and getting together was not as […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Efren Mendoza

A memorial celebrating the life of Efren Mendoza was held at the Senior Center/Veterans’ Hall in Boonville last Saturday afternoon. About 80 people showed up for this very moving and poignant occasion, with approximately half of those in attendance coming from non-Hispanic. Perhaps Efren is the only person in the Valley for whom such an […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Arline Bloom

I met with Arline at her home on Highway 128 in Boonville. It was a hot day and so the peaches and fresh water were perfect as we sat down to talk at the dining room table. Arline was born in 1957 in San Francisco in Mt. Zion Hospital — “A Jewish baby in a […]

Lives &Times Of Valley Folks: Peggy Ridley

I met with Peggy at her home just off Anderson Valley Way and we sat outside in the shade at the edge of the five acres of vines that are officially known as Ridley Vineyards. Peggy was born in 1957 in Walnut Creek, in Northern California’s East Bay region. Her parents Joy Strong and Robert […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Sharon Sullivan

I met with Sharon last weekend at her lovely and peaceful home on Guntley Road on the Holmes Ranch at the northwest end of the Valley. She served up a delicious garden salad on what was a very hot afternoon, and we sat down to talk. Sharon was born in December 1948, in Athens, Ohio, […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks: Jim Taylor Roberts

I met with Jim a couple of weeks ago at the property he owns just south of Philo on Highway 128. He lives in a beautiful house alongside The Madrones small business complex, home to some of the Valley’s lesser-known but up-and-coming wineries. We sat down to talk in the kitchen with a cup of […]

Lives & Times Of Valley Folks

Kevin was born on July 4th, 1958 in Long Beach, California, to parents June Manning and Donald Crane. Both sides of the family had come to this country in the mid-to-late 1800’s, with the Manning’s settling Utah and the Crane’s in Idaho. While Kevin’s mother was not a Mormon, his Grandmother Manning was and the community where they lived, American Fork, was one dominated by Mormons since the 1850’s.

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