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  1. david hayden April 20, 2019


  2. Name withheld June 28, 2019

    Dear Editor,
    Is it the norm for counties to have a CEO who is as reviled as Carmel Angelo?
    Why do you suppose people don’t like her and wish the Board of Supes would replace her? Is it because she has wasted millions of your tax dollars? Is it because she has created a culture of nepotism and fear within the bureaucracy of the county? Is it because she greedily spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on anticipated cannabis revenue that never materialized because her office so badly bungled the roll-out of legalization and did real damage to the local economy? Is it because when the Redwood Fires happened, there was no real emergency plan and no alarm was sounded causing people to die? Is it because she continues to pay out millions in outside contracts, with no accountability, when much of the work could be done within the county structure? Angelo surrounds herself with yes-men and ass-kissers and gives the heave-ho to anyone who tries to actually improve things or disagrees with her.
    When will the Supes wake up? It is definitely NOT normal to have a Chief Executive Officer who is so thoroughly despised by the majority of people in the county who have ever had anything to do with her. This includes the majority of county staff as well as many of the movers and shakers in Mendocino County!
    There are many people in the county who are more qualified than Angelo. For example, Ann Molgaard, another victim of CEO Angelo and Director Tammy Chandler’s disappearing act, is a former Director of Operations for HHSA, the former Director of First Five, and has a long history of public administration among her many other accomplishments. She is born and bred here and is an attorney. She is sensible and compassionate, willing to listen and learn. She would be a perfect candidate for CEO, but there are many others.
    As to Director Chandler, she left Sonoma County under a cloud, only to turn up in Mendo and take a page from Angelo – firing or marginalizing any staff member who was perceived as a threat to her power. The Supervisors need to stop allowing these power-hungry opportunists to run rough-shod over county employees, waste tax-payer monies, and fail to provide vital county services.
    I know hundreds of county employees and they truly care about our community. They show up every day, work for the good of the public, and they deserve better. Our county deserves better.
    Thank you for providing a forum where people can get and share real news and opinions.

  3. Sick of lies July 1, 2019

    You are 100% correct. People scream and scream and complain everything falls on deaf ears as far as the Board of Supervisors who are supposed to be the ones to hold her accountable. You try to ask the CEO for any information you just get a huge gigantic circular conversation that blame shifts off to everyone and 6 months later you wind up back at the point you started. It’s ridiculous the games that they play and the lack of efficiency all of the money that gets awarded for Grants or new programs gets wasted and squandered down by the higher-ups before anything even happens. It’s pretty gosh darn pathetic to watch this happening over and over again when smaller counties arerun much more efficiently and even larger counties run fantastically well and here we are in our swirling cesspool. No help from the higher-ups no help from the attorney general, grand jury reports fall on deaf ears. We should change the name of Mendocino County to Tarpit County. Because that’s basically what happens everything gets stuck in the tar pits and that’s it.

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