THREE WAYS to enjoy "America's Last Newspaper":

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(Note: these subscription choices are separate entities, paying for one does not include the others.)

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1. Web Subscription

The content on this website is a mix of free and pay (all archived material eventually becomes free).

A primary benefit of the web subscription is full-time access to the unique online feature Mendocino County Today (MCT), which keeps you abreast of regional news on a daily basis.

Unlimited access to the entire website – including the daily MCT – can be had for only $25 per year!

Two ways to get a web subscription:

1) Easiest is to email – we'll get you started right away, and send instructions on how to pay by check.

2) You can also subscribe through PayPal (recurs annually, until cancelled, at Paypal) via the button below...

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2. Print Subscription

The paper comes out every Wednesday, and can be mailed directly to you. Here's how you can subscribe to the print edition:

  1. Email with your name, mailing address, and subscription desired.
  2. Mail your check ($50/year in California; $100/year out-of-state) to: The AVA, PO Box 459, Boonville, CA 95415

Note: Print Subscriptions include complimentary online access (email address required for signup).

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3. e-book Subscription

Kindle Publishing delivers the AVA's weekly contents to portable e-book devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android phones and tablets. Here's how to get the weekly e-book edition of the AVA.