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MCT: Thursday, August 22, 2019

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JUST IN: Information coming in from Nevada County (via a transplanted former Mendo source) that Mendocino County Counsel Kit Elliott is on the verge of being named Nevada County's new County Counsel.

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A WARMING TREND is forecast to take place across northwest California through early next week. Warm to locally hot conditions are expected along with near zero chances for precipitation. (National Weather Service)

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The Mendocino County Grand Jury has released a report gently critical of the Measure B committee and the lack of progress on the critical need for local mental health infrastructure.

Measure B is a half-cent sales tax that raises about $7 million per year. The money is supposed to go to building three facilities in the county: 1. a crisis stabilization unit which is a locked facility where law enforcement can bring people in mental health crisis to be held and treated on a short term basis; 2. a psychiatric health facility, also a locked facility for longer term care; and 3. a crisis residential treatment center, where people could voluntarily go for up to a month for mental health or addiction treatment.

It has been 18 months since the passage of Measure B and not only have none of these things been started, we don’t even have an idea where we’re going to locate them.

The process is overseen by an 11-member Measure B committee which has been meeting once a month since it was formed, but has not really accomplished much of anything. It is important to note that this committee can make suggestions to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors, but only the supervisors can make decisions about how to spend the money.

The grand jury thinks part of the problem is that the 11-member committee is just to big and unwieldy to get things done in a timely way. They suggested the committee form two small ad hoc committees. One would look exclusively at locations for these facilities, and the other would focus on operations and the treatment plans for these facilities. Then those committees could report back to the full committee to make recommendations to the board.

This idea makes sense to us. Smaller groups dedicated to one topic can get a lot more done more quickly. Any 11-member group is going to be off topic 25-40 percent of the time.

The grand jury also suggests that the Board of Supervisors do more to prepare for the decisions they will need to make when the Measure B committee makes it recommendations.

Things like setting goals now to get recommendations and planning for the construction of these facilities, wherever they are located. We agree that the board should be doing more to push this process along. So far they seem to just be sitting back waiting for the Measure B committee to act.

Measure B is a critical part of our county’s mental health system. It’s what the voters put their faith in, concrete facilities to deal with our mental health crisis. We agree with the grand jury that it’s taking too long to get it done.

(K.C. Meadows, Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal, Courtesy, the Ukiah Daily Journal, July 7, 2019)

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(photo by Judy Valadao)

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The effects of widespread PG&E outages to prevent fires during dry, windy conditions are staggering — tens or hundreds of thousands without power, financial losses, lost productivity, no work, schools and stores closed, limited backup cellphone power. How can we communicate about current or future disasters? There will be widespread frustration and outrage. There will be dire consequences we haven’t even thought of yet. I believe loss of life is likely.

Of particular concern are the mentally ill. This segment of our community is already undertreated and marginalized. They are disproportionately low income with few resources. Who will they turn to? Interruptions in therapy and medications can have devastating consequences.

My mental illness has and will quickly spin out of control when I run out of my meds. My anxiety level is heightened just reading about these outages. So-called “normal people” will suffer anxiety, fear and powerlessness. How much greater will be the effects be on mentally ill people who are already anxious and fearful? We need to reach out to these people. They may not even understand that they need help. We can’t wait. The danger is imminent.

Janie Haggerty


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OUR PRESIDENT has had a big week and it's only Wednesday. Before noon today he'd denounced Denmark for refusing to sell Greenland, said that the Israelis "love me like the second coming of God" and, casting his eyes heavenward declared, "I am the chosen one to take on China."

PRESIDENT FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT used to test his theory that few people pay close attention to what he said during receptions by quietly but audibly insulting guests as they moved through receiving lines. But surely you've noticed the deterioration in public speaking by people who do a lot of public speaking. "Incidences" for incidents; "sort of" and "kind of" preceding declarative sentences; "proactive" for initiative. And veritable deluges from the chuckle buddies of television and radio as they talk over each other amidst nearly hysterical laughter at unamusing remarks. I always get the feeling that the chuck buds on, say, Good Morning America will, one morning, begin a round of unprovoked laughter that ends in screams and mutual chokeholds.

THOSE CROOKED COPS from Rohnert Park belatedly nailed because Kym Kemp of Redheaded Blackbelt relentlessly pursued them, surely had some help from either Humboldt County cops or, heaven forbid, Mendo's finest. I can't believe that these badged bandits, driving clearly marked Rohnert Park vehicles, could pull off literal highway robberies in Mendocino County without Mendo knowing about it. And how did the crooked cops know who to pull over out of all the passing traffic who fit the dope transport profiles? (Black males, long-haired white boys.)

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AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME from Larry Livermore:

As many of you will be aware, I enjoy telling stories, both in print and in person. Recently I was asked to talk to a large and receptive audience at Punk Rock Raduno in Bergamo, Italy, and had a wonderful time doing so.

However, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take my hosts up on their invitation to perform some songs from my Lookouts and Potatomen days. They even provided me with a nice acoustic guitar, but I chickened out.

So I've been thinking I might like to do a small tour where I'd combine stories and songs. More talking than singing, probably, but many of my songs relate directly or indirectly to the stories I typically tell, so I figured I'd just slip them into the narrative.

Would there be any interest in this sort of thing? Probably wouldn't happen before next year, though you never know…

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BOONVILLE QUIZ TONIGHT! August 22nd is the 4th Thursday of the month so that means The General Knowledge and Trivia Quiz will take place at Lauren’s Restaurant in Boonville. First question tossed out at 7pm.


Steve Sparks, Quiz Master

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After two disastrous fire seasons, California officials have been besieged by homeowners in fire-prone areas complaining that their insurance premiums are skyrocketing or their plans are suddenly being dropped.

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(photo by Carl Farnsworth)

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August 21, 2019

The California First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, in a published opinion, invalidated two Mendocino City Community Services District ordinances that limited the rights of property owners in the town of Mendocino to extract groundwater from private wells and required property owners to install meters on existing wells. The Court of Appeal also invalidated the District’s adoption of a water shortage contingency plan that set forth stages of drought that triggered permanent extraction limits on previously existing wells after mere temporary droughts.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the District failed to follow its own guidelines in adopting its ordinances and water shortage contingency plan. Homeowner Steven Gomes challenged the District’s actions after it required him to install a groundwater meter on an approximately hundred-year-old hand dug well that had been in the Gomes family since having originally been dug, and placed a permanent cap on the amount of water he could extract from the hand dug well.

When Gomes originally objected to the ordinances, the district began imposing fines against Gomes that ultimately began accruing at $350 dollars per a day and eventually mounted to a total of $35,300.

The Court of Appeal sent the case back to the Mendocino County Superior Court with instructions to issue a judgment declaring the ordinances and resolution adopting the water shortage contingency plan void.

Gomes was represented on appeal by Brian Momsen and Colin Morrow of the Ukiah firm of Carter Momsen PC, as well as Kevin O’Brien and David Cameron of the Sacramento firm of Downey Brand LLP.


For more information, please contact:

Colin Morrow, Esq.


305 N Main St.

Ukiah, CA 95482


A copy of the Court of Appeal’s opinion is available at

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Event: First Friday Art Show Opening

Who: Margaret Paul, Antique Sterling Flatware Jewelry

When: Friday, September 6, from 5-8pm

Where: Edgewater Gallery, 356 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg

Margaret will do a brief presentation about her art at 6pm. Light refreshments served.

About the Artist:

Margaret was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and has been moving west ever since. Following a 27 year teaching career in Oroville, CA, Margaret moved to Fort Bragg in 1999 to pursue her passion for art.

In 2002, Margaret activated the Young Artists Program at the Mendocino Art Center, providing a wide variety of art experiences for the children here on the coast. In addition, she taught workshops in ceramic mosaics at MAC, culminating in a community public works project in Fort Bragg at the Veterans' Memorial Hall in 2010. Margaret's favorite project was the installation of the Mendocino Theatre Company Memorial Walkway in 2008. A labor of love raising $46,000 for the theater company.

For the past 8 years, Margaret has been working with antique sterling flatware to create jewelry. She brings creativity, style and history together in her collection, traveling extensively to find rare sterling flatware for her rings, bracelets, pendants, barrettes and earrings, utilizing pieces from Gorham, Tiffany, Reed and Barton, Whiting, Alvin, Paye Baker, Georg Jensen and Unger Bros., to name a few. She especially enjoys creating jewelry from her customer's flatware.

Her work is available at Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg and by appointment at her studio in Fort Bragg.

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Mendocino Film Festival Classic Film Series presents Casablanca!

7:00pm Wednesday, September 4th @ Coast Cinemas in Fort Bragg.

What kind of Classic Film Series doesn't screen perhaps the most classic film of all time… Casablanca! Certainly you may have seen it on TV and perhaps even in the cinema, BUT how long ago and how many times? Additionally, we're certain you know a few folks who have not been fortunate enough to have experienced it on the big screen. Do you need more reasons than these to come out and join your neighbors to experience one of the most famous films of all time?! Tickets $10.00 available now at Coast Cinemas Cash Only Please or online at

Casablanca generously sponsored by The Bookstore in Fort Bragg, Brewery Gulch Inn in Mendocino and KOZT FM in Fort Bragg.

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Hope all is well! Just want to remind you of some upcoming events - open to everyone:

This Monday, Aug 26th at 11 am at Lauren’s Restaurant we will be hosting a Book conversation - The current book is still “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande as the June meeting was postponed. So read the book and come ready to discuss it. This book was in many ways the inspiration for creating the AV Village. Contact Lauren for questions

And in September we have:

Our monthly gathering Sunday September 8th 4 - 5:30 p.m. also at Lauren’s Restaurant (not Fair weekend, don't worry) and is intended to help members understand their membership and/or an introduction to prospective members.

We also have a volunteer training Sunday September 8th 3 - 4 pm (right before our monthly gathering) at Lauren’s — we ask each volunteer to complete a short training, please RSVP with our coordinator (contact info below) if you can attend, thank you!

Anica Williams

Anderson Valley Village Coordinator

The Anderson Valley Village: Empowering older adults to remain active, connected and independent in the place they call home while enhancing the quality of life in our community.

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“MADE IN MENDOCINO III” featuring the work of members of the Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers (MCF) and paintings by Robin Coomer. The exhibition runs from August 31 to September 29, 2019. Opening on August 31, from 6-8pm.

"Well Rounded": Old Growth Redwood with a 'Sinker” Redwood stripe, by Kerry Marshall

Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers was founded in 1997 by a group of designers and furniture makers living on the north coast of California. Members specialize in custom designed one-of-a-kind pieces in both traditional and contemporary woodworking styles. Artist Robin Coomer will be presenting her paintings inspired by photographs. Woodworkers featured in the show are Joe Amaral, Lee Baker, Hans Bruhner, Michael Burns, Michael Carrol, Les Cizek, Krystine Graziano, Hugh Hung, Erin Iber, Kerry Marshall, Russ McAnulty, Paul Reiber, Odis Schmidt, Michael Steffen, and Joshua Sterne.

Willits Center for the Arts

71 E. Commercial St.

PO Box 503

Willits, CA 95490




For more information or artists interviews, please contact:

Gary Martin


* * *


Bertozzi, Delgado, Duncan

LAURIE BERTOZZI, Redwood Valley. Protective order violation.

RYEN DELGADO, Ukiah. Burglarly, controlled substance, paraphernalia, disobeying court order, probation revocation.

SABRINA DUNCAN, Covelo. Burglarly, vandalism, assault on peace officer, stolen property, resisting, probation revocation.

Garcia, Heath, Little

NOE GARCIA JR., Ukiah. Paraphernalia, county parole violation.

JACOB HEATH, Ukiah. Disorderly conduct-alcohol, resisting. (Frequent Flyer)

JOSEPH LITTLE, Fort Bragg. DUI-alcohol&drugs, probation revocation.

Lopez-Aguilar, Morris, Neagle

HERIBERTO LOPEZ-AGUILAR, Santa Rosa/Calpella. DUI, suspended license (for DUI).

DENA MORRIS, Ukiah. Robbery, unauthorized entry into dwelling, parole violation. (Frequent flyer.)

RICHARD NEAGLE, Willits. Disorderly conduct-alcohol.

Olvera-Ortega, Sallee, Verduzco

EVERARDO OLVERA-ORTEGA, San Jose/Leggett. Vehicle theft, taking vehicle without owner’s consent.

CLINTON SALLEE, Fort Bragg. Suspended license (for DUI), failure to appear, probation revocation.

JOSE VERDUZCO JR., Willits. Disorderly conduct-alcohol, probation revocation.

Williams, Winelander, Wolk

DANNY WILLIAMS, Willits. Forging or altering vehicle registration, suspended license (for DUI), probation revocation.

HARRY WINELANDER, Willits. Trespassing, probation revocation.

MARK WOLK, Ukiah. Probation revocation.

* * *

ALDOUS HUXLEY TRIPS ON ACID; Talks About Cats & the Secret of Life (1962)

Dystopia and drugs: these are the two concepts most commonly associated with Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World and, decades later, advocated the mind-expanding possibilities of psychedelic substances. The sociopolitical realities of the 21st century have prompted us to return to and more fully understand what Huxley was trying to tell us with his novelistic vision of a society engineered and automated into total submission. But how many of us really understand his perspective on what the drugs did for his thinking?

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Mendocino-ROC, the long-term fire recovery team for Mendocino County has been dedicated to helping survivors get back home since the fires struck in October of 2017. As we approach the two-year anniversary of the fires, we are putting out a call to fire survivors to submit applications for remaining available funds. Grants and resources are still available to homeowners and renters for rebuilding and long-term recovery needs.

Since our recovery efforts began immediately following the October 2017 Redwood Complex Fire, Mendocino-ROC has distributed over $3,535,791 to Mendocino County residents. These funds have been distributed in tiered levels of support. Immediate relief was offered right after the fires including gas, food and lodging to evacuees and those that lost their home. Recovery support was then offered to remove roadblocks and restore a sense of normalcy. This was achieved through a portfolio of grants including rental assistance, critical needs, utility repair, senior respite, animal habitats and kids’ activities. These efforts were complimented with community recovery grants. The bulk of funding we have distributed has been in the form of Housing Assistance Grants, large grants to help fire survivors rebuild or purchase a home. To date over $1.7M has been awarded in large housing grants to survivors of the 2017 Redwood Complex and 2018 Mendocino Complex fires.

As we approach year three we must allocate the majority of remaining funds. Many fire survivors are in touch with our case managers at the Redwood Resource Room on a regular basis. However, some have not checked-in for many months. We want to encourage any fire survivor who still requires support, particularly through a Housing Assistance Grant to rebuild or purchase a home, to contact a case manager at the Redwood Resource Room.

The deadline to apply for Mendocino-ROC fire recovery funds is October 31, 2019. To find out what grants you may be eligible for, please call or text 621-8817 to make an appointment or visit the Redwood Resource Room at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center during drop-in hours Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm. You can also email

PG&E has just announced the new Wildfire Assistance Fund, which provides up to $5,000 for Basic Unmet Needs to survivors of the Redwood Complex fire. These funds are not being administered by Mendocino-ROC, however if you need assistance in applying you may call a case manager at the Redwood Resource Room (621-8817). To apply for the PG&E Wildfire Assistance Fund, you can visit

The Redwood Resource Room will also end drop-in hours on October 31, 2019. Beginning November 1, 2019 the Redwood Resource Room will only be available by appointment.

Mendocino-ROC is dedicated to helping fire survivors return home. If you still need assistance, please contact us today.

* * *


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by Andrew Sheeler

California county fair employees used their employer’s credit cards to spend tens of thousands of dollars on unauthorized travel, lavish meals and alcohol, according to a newly released report from the State Auditor’s Office.

The report, titled “Gross Mismanagement Led to the Misuse of State Resources and Multiple Violations of State Laws” details a list of violations committed by employees of a district agricultural association, which is an independently funded operation overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

The auditor’s report did not name the district agricultural association where state money was misused. A spokeswoman for the auditor’s office said that the association name was being withheld to protect the anonymity of whistleblowers.

“We can’t provide the specific district agricultural association because doing so, would essentially disclose the identity of some of individuals we discuss,” said spokeswoman Margarita Fernandez.

California has 54 district agricultural associations that organize fairs and other special events. They are overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and historically were supported by the state general fund. That funding ended in 2011, but they continue to use state-owned equipment and resources.

“We found that the association’s chief executive officer and maintenance supervisor grossly mismanaged state resources and neglected their duties to ensure that employees comply with state laws governing supervision and time and attendance reporting,” California State Auditor Elaine Howle wrote in her introduction to the report.

“Examples of the improper acts we found include employees taking home state property and misusing state resources, drinking alcohol on state grounds, a lack of critical internal controls to prevent inappropriate and excessive travel-related purchases, unnecessary charges for interest and late fees, and a waste of state funds.”

The audit of association finances from 2016 to 2018 found more than $318,000 in financial discrepancies, including more than $132,000 worth of credit card purchases with no supporting receipts, more than $30,000 for excessive and illegal out-of-state travel expenses, nearly $2,000 in “wasteful tips that far exceeded the maximum allowable reimbursement rate,” and more than $1,200 in “inappropriate purchases of alcohol.”

Association employees also misused credit cards to pay for expensive, and boozy, dinners, the report showed.

A receipt from one such dinner showed the association credit card paying $400 for five butcher’s cuts, $125 for a lobster surf dinner, $95 for a lobster tail, and more than $600 in alcohol, including one $96 bottle of wine.

In addition, the report found that several association maintenance employees worked side jobs during their regular work shift, sometimes with the direct knowledge of the maintenance supervisor, unnamed in the report.

In one example, cited in the report as “particularly egregious,” an employee designated as “Employee A” would show up to work to punch in, use a state vehicle to go work a side job, and then show up at the end of the day to punch out.

The employee did so with management’s blessing, according to the report.

The report also found that the maintenance supervisor routinely used a state-owned vehicle to commute from home to work, and for personal business. When asked about it, the supervisor said that he took the truck home “at most two times a week” to pick up work materials.

“However, based on our observations and witness statements, he used the state-owned vehicle nearly every day as if it were his personal truck,” the report found. “Therefore, the evidence suggests that the maintenance supervisor was dishonest about the frequency with which he used the state-owned vehicle.”

The supervisor also allowed an employee with a DUI conviction requiring an interlock ignition device to use a state-owned truck as a personal vehicle.

The audit contends that the CEO and the association’s nine-member governing board failed to provide proper oversight of association employees, “and in some instances, they either directly engaged in or approved of improper activities.”

The audit’s recommendations included calling for disciplinary action against the CEO, maintenance supervisor and employees identified as engaging in “improper governmental activities.”

The audit also recommended that the association recoup any money spent by employees on inappropriate purchases, and to recoup the cost of the maintenance supervisor’s regular daily use of a state-owned vehicle.

The report recommended that the CDFA “consider exercising its authority to assume any or all rights, duties, and powers of the board of the association.”

The CDFA, in response, said it was “premature” to assume authority over the association, but that the CEO was required to attend a training course and that the CEO and board would be apprised of CDFA policies, procedures, accounting guidelines, and online training resources, as well as requirements pertaining to in- and out-of-state travel.

The association, in its response, stated that a 2011 reduction in staffing left the workforce “’stretched,’ and it could no longer provide adequate training about policies and procedures.”

The association declined to discipline the CEO but said that employees would receive discipline “with guidance from CDFA human resources staff.”

The association said it was working with the CEO and board “to come up with a fair and equitable method for determining the amount and manner of reimbursement to the state for any inappropriate expenditures.”

* * *


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Ohio newspaper that battled injustice for 150 years to shut down: 'Scary for democracy'

* * *

* * *


To the Editor:

Heidi Dunham, department director of Mendocino County Human Resources, is gone!

Fired? Forced to resign?

Does it matter?

Dunham is only in her mid-50s. Social Security is a good ten years away.

Frankly, I think Ms. Dunham was cut loose by County CEO Carmel Angelo as a result of Dunham's mishandling of the Tammy Moss-Chandler vs. Barbara Howe dispute.

It's clear to me Dunham encouraged Moss-Chandler to lie under oath and make false statements to get a bogus temporary restraining order against Howe. This was very wrong. In fact, making a false statement is a crime. And now, Angelo doesn’t want the blowback. Angelo never does. There's always a convenient scapegoat.

Heidi Dunham, always out to please Angelo, clearly went one step too far with Moss-Chandler.

Needless to say, the temporary restraining order was not upheld by the court in an open hearing. Judge Jeanine B. Nadel took both parties in her chambers, and the entire nonsense ended.

A word about restraining orders.

The restraining order law is perhaps the second most unconstitutional abomination in our legal system, after our so-called child protection (DSS) laws. The restraining order process is designed to allow an order to be issued very easily, and to be appealed, stopped, or vacated only with the utmost difficulty. It is the product of politically-motivated minds, who have no respect for our traditional sense of justice or of the protections provided in our California Constitution of due process of law.

It is so ironic that the temporary restraining order backfired on Tammy Moss-Chandler and the woman who coached her, Heidi Dunham. Moss-Chandler vs. Barbara Howe. One woman vs. another woman. And it wasn’t domestic abuse. It was stupid workplace stuff. A tempest in a teacup. Angelo just wanted Howe gone over some policy dust up involving generators and PG&E blackouts.

For their sake, let’s review the law in a nutshell.

A restraining order may be obtained, only after the occurrence of one or more of the following acts between family or household members:

  1. attempting to cause or causing physical harm;
  2. placing another in fear of imminent serious physical harm;
  3. causing another to engage involuntarily in sexual relations by force, threat or duress.

Only in Mendocino County could two county department heads -- Moss-Chandler and Dunham -- have conspired to so totally pervert both the spirit and letter of the law…and do it at the direction of their boss, the County CEO.

It was one of the ugliest chapters in County CEO Angelo's 12 years and three months of total and absolute control over county government. She's a bully. Worse, she's a tyrant.

Don't believe me?

Here's the recent grand jury report on Angelo's dominance over the Board of Supervisors:

John Sakowicz


* * *

* * *


I want to come down to the SF bay area and I need a place to stay. Good evening postmodern America, I have finished being supportive as best I could be of Earth First!er Andy Caffrey's climate justice effort, and am therefore still in Garberville, CA. It is time for me to move on, and I want to visit the San Francisco bay area soon. Beyond that, I am still eager to return to Washington, D.C. for the 16th time in order to wage spiritual warfare against the derangement of an American government headquartered there. Please call Andy's place at (707) 923-2114 and offer me a place to stay in the San Francisco bay area. Beyond that, communicate with me insofar as your interest in also being in Washington, D.C. in opposition to the political insanity and stupidity there. I wish to move on this immediately. 40 years of being on the front lines of peace & justice and radical environmentalism in the United States of America has proven that waiting indefinitely only indicates a profound inner confusion. Indeed, what are we waiting for? Thank you very much.

Craig Louis Stehr


* * *


* * *


Northcoasters! September 20 is being hailed as a Day for International Climate Action around the world. This September 20, millions of people on our planet will walk out of their workplaces, homes, and schools to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. For some this will be an all day strike, but for many an hour of action, a one hour strike or an organized community event will be the form of action. Mobilize Mendo joins the citizens of the world to demand action on climate. We know students in Mendocino and Fort Bragg High Schools will be planning events. Let’s all join together! Please join us to begin planning, prepping, and publicizing a community event for Sept 20. Email if you're interested.

* * *


* * *


Hello Mr Anderson,

I find your opening statement to be rather offensive. I don't use drugs. I have a hard enough time just using otc medications for allergies and headaches; I don't enjoy the feelings. I have an anxiety disorder, secondary to my PTSD, as well as depressive disorder (secondary as well).

Even when I drink part of a beer, I don't handle the feeling well, I get a nervous "pit" in my belly, and I then battle the ebb and flow of nervous ripples teasing the edges of panic, and though I'm well versed in coping mechanisms, I find that I end up needing medication to ease the symptoms and regain my footing.

Please don't misinterperate this as me being certifiable or a lost cause or a potential danger to myself or others; most people do not even notice that I'm dealing with these things while they are happening.

Some people consider me extremely intelligent. Some don't. One thing I haven't got, is an understanding of the criminal mind. I'm a total loss in that department. My children have a better take In those areas than I do. It's not a bad thing...I don't think. I may seem naive, some may say excessively so, esp with regard to drugs. I haven't been immersed in that environment, so I'm not sure what exactly to look for.

I was not aware that Mr Mangrum was battling an addiction. I had some suspicions. His attitude was Dr Jeckle Mr Hyde; he finished few projects; he forgot most times the things he promised he would do. He changed plans and expected others to know and to keep up.

So many nights, the kids would beg him to just read a story to them. Always the same answer…"in a minute," or "when I'm finished with what I'm doing."

God, how I miss them...there are no words to describe how it feels. I'm empty inside. This is so incredibly wrong I need help to fix this. My children and I have rights to be together. There was no true abuse happening. It's all "coulds" or "mays". They can't take them on that, and they can't keep them on that either.

But they do. They are.

I did what I was supposed to do, I removed them from a situation that was escalating passed my comfort zone.

I do not have stable housing. I did have it, despite the social worker declining to refer my family to the FUP housing program through cdc.

I was appalled when she did that; that was back in April! well before the review hearing. Aren't they supposed to continue with reunification efforts until the judge makes orders otherwise? The orders were made on July 25. It was early April when I learned of the FUP program having funding early, and 22 vouchers specifically for CPS families in reunification services, not ONE referral made until well into May, possibly June. So I filled out the application. I almost had my housing voucher. I even had a house the owner was willing to try Hud! I had the rapid rehousing grant at the ready to pay move-in costs.

I was supposed to be in the Hud office on the 25th the after the review hearing. I was unable to make it. I was in jail. Considering the charges, i likely do not qualify. I've been stressing out learning what an unlikely event it will be, reuniting with my children.

I do not know when I will see them again.

The feelings that come over me, are like thick, sticky, slow molasses. They weigh me down like nothing else.

My depression feels like molasses. The darkness that it brings is almost comforting, almost soothing. But I remember that it is my brain trying to protect itself. And i resist it. I move around, I try to focus on something...anything!'s getting harder to find reasons why.

Trauma. The REAL deal kind. The kind that brings you to your knees, sobbing for air, silent screams escape you, but if course no one sees, hair falling out from the intensity of it all, breath always, ALWAYS, just out of reach of catching.

A truly miserable existence is all that's become of me. Nothing "good" comes from cps intervention. You gain scars that never heal, never even slightly. You gain a new outlook including symptoms equal to that of a paranoid schizophrenia patient.

My children, so traumatised, they will never be able to trust in their safety EVER. They lost the person #1 in their Everything...I'm not much, but I was everything to them.

They hurt so bad inside, everyone sees it. Every worker spoke if the incredible bond between me and my children.

They used my rights to see my children as a bargaining chip to force me into services I didn't need.

I sincerely attempted to do my case plan. I needed help getting there, and I recieved far short of anything even remotely adequate to be considered reasonably assisting me .

My kids are Cherokee, at least 2 thick veins in his family tree. My mother is a registered Eskimo who recieved payouts on the oil stock her tribe holds. I do not understand why ICWA rules are not initiated. I've said this for over a year. Everytime I say it, the judges were always telling me now isn't the time to be hearing that.

NOW is my chance. NOW judge Moorman (why does she hate me??) Says I'm on my own for writ.

Mr Mangrum. He's still in custody. I'm hearing what I hope isn't jail talk. I don't know what to think of him right now. I spoke to his employer. He got himself a job as a mechanic for a logging outfit, and didn't show up or call.

CPS was messing with our visit times, MAJORLY at the time…but I begged him to just phone and tell them that, right…?

He didn't.

I have a letter on my lap from this employer, speaking of how he needs Mr Mangrum, and how difficult It is to find a decent mechanic, let alone a good one that also does diesel mechanics. Mr Mangrum can fix ANYTHING.

SO, I've politely requested that he actually apply himself toward fixing "this".

He says he starts with a job.

I have to grant him the oppertunity to try. We have 11 years and 9 kids total (his 3, my 2, and our 4).

He has one chance to do this sober.

Me? Im looking into learning about drugs and alcohol and how they affect others. I obviously do not comprehend obvious signs.

I want us to engage in communication counseling together, and anger management separately. I want to complete the parenting classes (tip sheets), and i want him in individual counseling and us both to submit to an unbiased psyche evaluation. Not just me. Him too. I want us to both understand the other's difficulties.

He says he can and will complete this. He says he wants to provide a nice life for us.

But what he says and what he does, at least up until he was locked up, they were always two very different things.

I do beg your pardon, Mr Anderson. As I mentioned, I do not appreciate that remark.

I'm not sure if I should be published with my name, as my cases are currently pending. Some may know just based on facts. Most, tho, will not.

I will leave that decision completely up to you. You understand these things more than I. I would like people to know. But, I'm not sure I'm currently in a position to recieve the negative feedback that I am SURE some of them will have.

But...someone may be able and willing to help.

And not demand sex.

I'm willing to continue answering questions as well, if you like. We could make it a column. I used to enjoy writing. I've strayed, but you believe it's making it's way back.

Until next time, think good thoughts towards my children. If you could, please.

This is is not right. ?

I have to go..I have court to prepare for. Not sure where I'm sleeping tonight. All of his friends want sex from me.

I am NOT that kind of girl. ?

Go ahead and pry, Mr Anderson. Just be careful, I've no problem explaining myself and how my mind works. And please be decent. I can handle some pressure, but no bullying please.

I'm simple. What you see is what you get. I mean no harm to anyone. I pity the social services workers.

I'm not a diehard religious freak. More spiritual than anything, though I do believe in some things. I believe God is good. I believe if we go against Him, She is gonna get us. I don't have to worry about any of that. ?

I look forward to hearing from u.

Have a good night

Sarah Walker, Willits

Dear Sarah:

I certainly didn't intend to insult you. I'm an old man, a very old man, with old ways of thinking, I'm afraid. It is obvious you are an intelligent, capable person. I've seen literal tons of letters over the many years I've been an editor, and I can tell you yours are among the most coherent and smartest. You must be intelligent and caring or your children wouldn't miss you.

I'm reluctant to give you (or anybody else) advice out of fear it wouldn't be helpful or could even complicate your already complicated situation. Also, I'm not exactly on the Mendo A List of favorite media persons.

But this is the advice I can't resist giving you. Do everything the court and social services ask you to do because if you try to fight them, as you have already discovered, it is likely to go worse for you. It's a shame the system tends to vindictiveness, and a larger shame that it employs people who should not have authority over the lives of others, but it is what it is, as the young people say.

True friends wouldn't be hitting on you for sex. Maybe you should cut them off for your own welfare, and it's YOUR welfare we're interested in here because the faster you pick up the pieces from your terrible experience the faster your family will be back together.

As for Mr. Mangrum, so long as he's unable to resist the white powder he will drag you and your children down with him. I've seen a lot of guys wake up in jail and take responsibility for themselves and their families but I've seen just as many who don't. He either mans up or he doesn't, and so far he hasn't.

This may sound trite, and is trite, but it has always worked for me when I was down — at least one hour per day of vigorous exercise will clear your head and make you psychologically stronger because you will be physically stronger. Go for a long walk every day. And try to eat right. At the end of the week you'll feel a hundred percent better.

I'm taking the liberty, or will when you say I can, to send your letter to a couple of the supervisors who may be able to help you with shelter.

Media exposure will help you, not hurt you. When the authorities know we are watching they tend to be less arbitrary, a little more fair than they usually are.

Your friend,

Bruce Anderson, AVA


  1. John Sakowicz August 22, 2019

    Candidates for County Counsel, Nevada County, were asked to submit resumes by July 8 and top candidates were evaluated by recruiters Ralph Andersen & Associates.

    According to the recruitment brochure, the top contenders were to be presented to the supervisors in July and invited to compete further in the process in August. Final interviews consisted of multiple panels including agency heads and County CEO Alison Lehman, as well as members of key agencies like the California State Association of Counties and Rural County Representatives of California.

    Interviews with supervisors, anticipated to be not more than three candidates, are scheduled for Aug. 29, with the final selection and contract approval set for September.

    Nevada County Counsel is paid $213,012, according to the county job posting. The office includes six attorneys.

    If Nevada County hires Kit Elliott, it should be prepared to budget big bucks for outside counsel. Ms. Elliott rarely represented Mendocino County in either defending or initiating any type of litigation. She also rarely represented the county in contract negotiations, public financing, and other transactions.

    Those jobs went to law firms, often based in San Francisco or Sacramento. And they were all expensive.

    Then there’s the case of the case of Steven Neuroth…a $5 million wrongful death settlement for a death by suffocation in county jail that was so badly run, it was criminal.

    A good county counsel would have seen the lawsuit coming.

  2. Eric Sunswheat August 22, 2019

    “Like anti-vaccinators, anti-fluoride activists rely on spurious medical research to argue fluoridation’s hazards. FAN, (Fluoride Action Network) for instance, blames fluoride in water for everything from cancer to diabetes to low IQ to, ironically enough, tooth decay,” Anne Kim, vice president of domestic policy at the Progressive Policy Institute, wrote in a column for

    One of few to support Evans’ view was Dr Mark Diesendorf, an honorary associate professor in the environmental humanities group at Sydney’s University of NSW.

    “I’m opposed to fluoridation also, I must admit, but I wouldn’t come to that conclusion (to remove fluoride from water) on the present study alone,” he said.

    “There’s a lot of other related studies that are entirely consistent with this, in the way of developmental neurological effects.

    “I would argue pregnant women and also women feeding with formula should not use fluoridated water. There’s enough to be worried. We are now at a stage where this is something of concern.”

    An editor’s note published with the research even pointed out the “decision to publish this article was not easy”.

    “Given the nature of the findings and their potential implications, we subjected it to additional scrutiny for its methods and the presentation of its findings,” paediatrician Dimitri Christakis wrote.

    “The mission of the journal is to ensure that child health is optimised by bringing the best available evidence to the fore.

    “Publishing it serves as testament to the fact that JAMA Pediatrics is committed to disseminating the best science based entirely on the rigour of the methods and the soundness of the hypotheses tested, regardless of how contentious the results may be.”

    Vaccines often contain toxins like aluminum and mercury, and many vaccines contain aborted fetal tissues. The reality of vaccine injury and death is making the news, though the propaganda and out and out lies from pharmaceutical companies cause a polarized division between those who are pro vaccine and those who are against.

    If you are reading this, you probably have access to running water and a working toilet. If you choose to forego vaccines for yourself or your children, bear in mind that you will need additional protection to avoid contracting illnesses. Exercise, sleep, stress management, and a truly healthy diet are all essential for an immune system to work at optimal efficiency.

    While the medical professionals and the pharmaceutical companies are quick to take credit for our increased life expectancy, in truth, they are not the heroes. Have you thanked a plumber lately?

  3. Eric Sunswheat August 22, 2019

    RE: $5 million County Jail death settlement case of Steven Neuroth.

    DA Eyster determined Coroner’s Report conclusion issued on the death of my friend Steven Neuroth, as tantamount to suicide by meth toxicity. Steve and I enjoyed our companionship together, and work on a project alone together on a remote ranch for 3 days and nights, not less than one week before his death at the hands of Correctional Officers.

    Sheriff Allman seemingly on his own volition, or at behest of County Counsel Eliot, withheld evidence of the Neuroth jail death video from the public for 4 years.

    Both of these top County officials benefited from their foot dragging complicity to be re-elected in 4 year terms to public office, before the Neuroth death truth be known.

    Now to be questioned, is why the DA and Sheriff, and their agents, singularly or in concert, by default, neglect or in collusion, facilitated interception or stood down their guard, while countless Mendocino county transients and citizens traveling 101 south past Cloverdale, were not so randomly, in coordination pulled over by multiple Rohnert Park rogue thieving cops, and robbed of their cannabis and cash, is a mystery of the ‘blue code of silence’ beyond the pale.

  4. James Marmon August 22, 2019

    “And how did the crooked cops know who to pull over out of all the passing traffic who fit the dope transport profiles?”

    Zeke Flatten believes they might have been using “Black Asphalt” or something similar.

    Cops using controversial database to identify search and seizure targets

    “The Washington Post has reported that a network called “Black Asphalt” is used by police officers as a (possibly illegal) aid in seizing drugs and cash during roadside stops.”

  5. Betsy Cawn August 22, 2019

    “Have you eyes?
    Could you on this fair mountain leave to feed,
    And batten on this moor? Ha! have you eyes?
    You cannot call it love; for at your age The heyday in the blood is tame, it’s humble,
    And waits upon the judgment: and what judgment
    Would step from this to this? Sense, sure, you have,
    Else could you not have motion; but sure, that sense
    Is apoplex’d; for madness would not err,
    Nor sense to ecstasy was ne’er so thrall’d
    But it reserved some quantity of choice,
    To serve in such a difference. What devil was’t
    That thus hath cozen’d you at hoodman-blind?
    Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight,
    Ears without hands or eyes, smelling sans all,
    Or but a sickly part of one true sense
    Could not so mope.
    O shame! where is thy blush?”

    • Bruce Anderson August 22, 2019

      Shame? Blush? Vanished long ago, Hamlet.

  6. Harvey Reading August 22, 2019


    Trump’s mind.

  7. Harvey Reading August 22, 2019



  8. Michael Koepf August 22, 2019

    The President “said that the Israelis “love me like the second coming of God” and, casting his eyes heavenward declared, “I am the chosen one to take on China.” Editor.

    Wrong and wrong and right and wrong again out of context. As to the quote concerning Israel, Trump merely re-quoted Wayne Allyn Root who initiated the above statement. And, Trump never cast “his eyes heavenward” when he stated that “I am the chosen one to take on China.” In fact, he was outside the White House taking questions from the national press pool while he stared directly into their eyes, making the obvious point that former presidents, Obama, Bush and Clinton did nothing to check the Chi-coms expansive designs on the world.

    • Bruce Anderson August 22, 2019

      The news clip I saw of Trump announcing he was the chosen one he did cast his eyes heavenward in what I assumed was Trump humor. Don’t get me wrong, though, Mike. I think Trump is the perfect rep of the American people at this time — fat, vulgar, undisciplined, and stupid.

      • Harvey Reading August 22, 2019

        Praise god!

      • James Marmon August 22, 2019

        After POTUS said he was the “chosen one” he said he was chosen by the people. watch the whole conversation.

        • Harvey Reading August 22, 2019

          But he lied, James. He was NOT chosen “by the people”. The despicable Clinton woman was. Trump was selected by a nondemocratic process, one that has no place in this country, a place peddled to us in grammar and high school, and by the lying nooze media, as a democracy: and that lie is particularly reinforced during our frequent (of course since we’ve been at war with others for most of our existence as a country) war holidays.

          • Michael Koepf August 22, 2019

            And, don’t forget the Russians, Harv. The Russians, Russians, Russians.

            • Harvey Reading August 22, 2019

              Give me a break. You seem to still live in the 60s. Still believing the propaganda with which we were inundated then, which all turned out to be lies, just like the “Russia Connection back in 2016. Mueller is a bad joke.

        • Michael Koepf August 22, 2019

          Jimmy, do you mean winning a Presidential election? Hmmm. Let me check the headlines for November 9th 2016.

      • Michael Koepf August 22, 2019

        Yes, Bruce, you have echoed the precise definition of “deplorables” as uttered by Hilary Clinton; in your words, “fat, vulgar, undisciplined and stupid.” In other words, save for sniffy progressives, Americans are beneath contempt. Well, it’s my belief that Americans are not as dumb as you think. Ask Hillary.

        Well, you may have assumed it was “Trump Humor” but you wrote it as if he genuinely believed he was chosen by God.

        • Bruce Anderson August 22, 2019

          Hillary wasn’t always wrong. The Generals will be doing an intervention any day now.

          • Michael Koepf August 22, 2019

            A neo-progressive Deus ex machina? Bruce, now you’re raising your hands to the clouds in sincere invocation. You’re much too old and wise to believe that.

  9. mendoblather August 22, 2019

    Koepf said: “And, Trump never cast “his eyes heavenward” when he stated that “I am the chosen one to take on China.” – Huh?

    From now on I’ll never trust my own eyes…

  10. Eric Sunswheat August 22, 2019

    “And how did the crooked cops know who to pull over out of all the passing traffic who fit the dope transport profiles?”
    …The plaintiffs — Brian Payne, Jesse Schwartz, Joshua Surrat, Jason Harre and Jacob Ford — were stopped between November 2015 and October 2016 by officers they say immediately asked if there was marijuana in the vehicles, the court filing states.

    —————->. Payment records indicate that between January 2012 and March 2017, about three hundred cities, collectively home to about 7.9 million people, had access to Palantir’s Gotham service through the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC), which is run through the Department of Homeland Security.

    The NCRIC is a regional law enforcement facility that combines the resources of 14 California counties: Del Norte county, Mendocino county, Sonoma county, Lake county, Napa county, Marin county, San Francisco county, San Mateo county, Santa Cruz county, Monterey county, San Benito county, Santa Clara county, Alameda county, and Contra Costa county…

    The NCRIC investigates “terrorist operations, major drug trafficking organizations and other major criminal activities,” according to its website. A NCRIC spokesperson said in a phone call that the organization, which employs about 80 people, uses Palantir for its intelligence management system, which is a “core” part of every NCRIC investigation.

    “The intelligence management system that we use is used for all investigations,” the spokesperson said. “It’s that core piece of coordination of supporting those long term investigations, and evaluations of tips and leads and complaints that we receive.”

    The NCRIC, which was established by the Northern California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Executive Board in 2007, receives federal money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to a public document from Homeland Security Grants Management, this federal money finances personnel, computers and servers, and training programs for cybersecurity, domestic terrorism, and violent extremism investigations. A NCRIC spokesperson said in a phone call that all of the NCRIC’s funding comes from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    The NCRIC specializes in investigating state crimes that appear to be “large” or “organizational” in scale, which mainly include terrorism and drug trafficking. However, The NCRIC gives local police departments access to technology they wouldn’t be able to afford or implement on their own.

    A NCRIC spokesperson said in a phone call that local police departments can contact the organization for assistance on any case. The NCRIC will then assign an agent who will use Palantir, and possibly other tools, to get the requested information.

    “Everything we do starts with a subject that’s engaged in some sort of illegal activity or potentially something that’s perceived as being illegal,” the spokesperson said.
    Jul 12 2019

    As smartphone users have become more aware that fake cell phone towers, known as IMSI catchers or stingrays, can spy on them, developers have rushed to offer apps that detect when your phone connects to one. Unfortunately, it seems, those tools aren’t as effective as they claim. Watching the watchers turns out to be a complicated business.

    Researchers from Oxford University and the Technical University of Berlin today plan to present the results of a study of five stingray-detection apps. The results aren’t encouraging. In fact, they found they could fully circumvent each one, allowing the researchers to trick the phones into handing over their sensitive data.

    HARRIS CORP.’S STINGRAY surveillance device has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in law enforcement for more than 15 years. The company and its police clients across the United States have fought to keep information about the mobile phone-monitoring boxes from the public against which they are used. The Intercept has obtained several Harris instruction manuals spanning roughly 200 pages and meticulously detailing how to create a cellular surveillance dragnet.
    September 12, 2016

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sued the San Bernardino County sheriff over what the advocacy group says is a failure of the law enforcement agency to adequately release public records relating to its use of cell-site simulators, or “stingrays.”

    The lawsuit, Electronic Frontier Foundation v. County of San Bernardino et al., which was filed in county court on Tuesday, explains how a 2015 state law requires that law enforcement agencies in most cases seek a warrant to use the surveillance devices. Prior to the law’s passage, Ars reported that since the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department (SBSD) acquired a stingray in late 2012, the agency has used it 303 times between January 1, 2014 and May 7, 2015, all without seeking a warrant…

    As Ars has reported for years, stingrays are in use by both local and federal law enforcement agencies nationwide. The devices determine a target phone’s location by spoofing or simulating a cell tower. Mobile phones in range of the stingray then connect to it and exchange data with the device as they would with a real cell tower.

    Once deployed, stingrays intercept data from the target phone along with information from other phones within the vicinity—up to and including full calls and text messages. At times, police have falsely claimed that information gathered from a stingray has instead come from a confidential informant.

  11. Harvey Reading August 22, 2019

    Too bad that the democrats aren’t significantly better. I won’t be voting for any of their present lineup of putrid candidates for the presidency in 2020, and I suspect that I am far from being alone in my choice. As far as I am concerned, I’d take another four years of the fat, vile ignoramus if that’s what it takes to get people, including the military, riled up enough to take to the streets and effect some real change, including cutting off all aid to Israel.

    • Brian Wood August 22, 2019

      “I’d take another four years of the fat, vile ignoramus if that’s what it takes to get people, including the military, riled up enough to take to the streets and effect some real change, including cutting off all aid to Israel.”

      What makes you think 4 more years would do that? You’re delusional if you think things will get better by first letting them get worse.

      • Harvey Reading August 22, 2019

        Democrats are just as bad and just as sold out to the wealthy interests. The main difference is that they don’t smirk as much, at least openly You’re delusional if you think something like Biden or Warren would be any better than Trump. Did you learn nothing from the 8 years of Obama? Of Bill Clinton?

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