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I Deserve an Apology!

On Wednesday, August 14, I was coming from the Senior Center in Covelo with my senior lunch. At about 11:45am I sat down by the tribal building to let my coffee cool. While sitting there minding my own business a tribal cop who I haven't met before came up and asked me, "Are you okay?" I said, What? "Are you okay?" Yeah, I said, I'm sitting here waiting for my coffee to cool down. So he asked my name and my birthdate. I asked him if there was a problem. He said that someone in a meeting inside had noticed me walking by from the window and had come to him to see what I was doing there. This person also told the tribal cop that I was a registered sex offender! I thought, what the hell?!

This statement really threw me for a spin! I told the tribal cop I had to confront the person who is accusing me of this horrible lie. As I walked into the meeting room, a few of the people in the meeting said, Hi Eric!, upon seeing me. With the tribal cop at my side I said someone here at this meeting is accusing me of being a sex offender! An old woman who I've never met before turned in her chair to face me and said, "I was just worried about the children over there," meaning the tribal Head Start building across the field.

I could not believe what this old woman who I don't even know was implying! Of course, I was shocked and very offended! I told the tribal cop that I wanted to put this woman under citizen's arrest and pointed at her. The tribal cop said nothing. The lying accuser's lame reply was, "We are in a private meeting right now and you are not even supposed to be in here."

I went out with the tribal cop behind me. I was at a loss for words, totally confused by all this insane crazy crap. That senile old bitch may as well have just spit in my face!

Soon the crap really started to hit the fan on full blast. The tribal cop was on his cell phone in the backyard of the building. He came to where I was drinking my cooled-down coffee and said according to his cellphone I was a registered sex offender! I told him, "What the fuck? Are you talking sure?" Then I told him to call the Mendocino County Jail and ask for a list of all my arrests and convictions which he did not do.

I said I had to talk to Laura Betts who is the tribal police receptionist and dispatch lady who knows me well. So he called her. Then he came up to me and later after speaking to her on his cell phone and said, "Eric, you don't like look like you weigh 200 pounds." I thought, "What the hell is he talking about now for Chrisssakes?"

Anyway, he said Laura contacted Washington DC and they faxed paperwork about this whole screwed up deal.

I hitched a ride to the tribal cop shop and there Laura showed me page after page of why this was happening to me. A guy named Vincent Ceci had somehow got hold of my name and birthdate. I'm not sure if he got my Social Security Number or not but according to the DC fax this Ceci guy has numerous indecent exposure charges, domestic violence charges and has done some state prison time. But get this crazy stuff: This guy is 5’11”, 200 pounds and white! I mean come on! I'm 5-2 and 130 pounds and Native American and any idiot and their dog could see that these are two totally different people!

Lincoln, Ceci

I was asked to come back the following day. The tribal cop suggested that Laura take my fingerprints to be sent to Washington DC so I did.

Afterword I thought why would my fingerprints be needed? The proof is right there in black and white about this Vincent Ceci guy. I just seemed unnecessary. Maybe even questionable about me getting fingerprinted to prove who I was.

Thinking about it further that afternoon when that senile old woman falsely insinuated that I was a sex offender, it just hit me so hard. If it made me feel so damn low that someone could even think that I would do something that disgusting. And my personal information getting run through the crapper like it was. All that day and into the night I just started crying over my any little thing which I never had done before.

This whole so stressful situation really screwed me up. This is the main reason I'm getting a restraining order against this malicious bitch.

While going through the process of getting a restraining order I found out that her name is Patricia Henry and this falsely accusing hater is actually a Native American! (I'm sorry for her tribe.) And she has even somehow got her foot in the door to get accepted as a business administrator at the tribal building here in Covelo.

But get this Jerry Springer crap: I just about shit my pants when finding out the tribal cop who appeared out of nowhere just so happens to be Michael Henry — her husband!

Do these two work as a team when they are planning something shady? What is their main objective in Covelo? I really don't see Pocahontas Henry's vision or main ambition growing up as a kid. Was it to finish school and try to be the best damn tribal business administrator with a screwed up attitude this world has ever seen? Only to end up here in Covelo?

Oh let's not forget, she wanted a husband who is a tribal cop to have her back. Seems like I've seen this Michael Henry dude somewhere before, maybe in jail, I don't know.

Anyhow from the get-go Laura Betts intended on writing a statement for me dealing with the cho-mo scandal. While at the restraining order office we called Laura who said that her supervisor denied her from writing one! What the hell?

As it turns out Laura Betts’s supervisor just so happens to be this same bitch Patricia Henry who I am seeking a restraining order against! Doesn't that beat all?

Pocahontas Henry must have taken a cue from Shannon Barney who used to be a resident cop in Covelo a few years ago. He's not a tribal cop, he's a real cop. While doing his residency here in Covelo, Shannon Barney was as crooked as Covelo Road. Some names come to mind in the in regards to this — Robert Want and Ivan Tillotson (Bodean). Also other deaths that are questionable like deputies Eric Gore and Brett White.

Both of those last two were deputies out the sheriff's office in Ukiah.

Now Shannon Barney is the County Coroner! How convenient is that? Covering mistakes.

I compare this to Patricia Henry's refusal to allow my friend Laura Betts to write a statement to help with my false accusation.

Also, this Pocahontas lowlife refuses to allow the paperwork from Washington DC to be used for whatever reason because the information is “highly confidential." What a pathetic delusional psycho bitch!

Those DC papers are the proof of how thy name is being dragged through the worst mud.

It seems like this Patricia Henry Pocahontas is more concerned about that guy Vincent Ceci’s right than she is of the victim — me! Why is this woman in Covelo anyway? How many other names are on her shit list to trash?

If Michael Henry is her mate that makes Patricia Henry the pri-mate which suits her to a tee. Some say silence is more powerful than noise. But definitely not in this case. Don't be afraid to face your accuser. If they take the time out of their "precious" lives to condemn people who don't fit their view of what is right or what is not right, screw them! They are just self appreciating losers just like all the other haters in the world.

I ask for nothing more and will accept nothing less than a formal apology from this woman who calls herself Patricia Henry.

As such,

Eric Lincoln, Covelo

PS. Never let this happen to you. 

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