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Down and Out in L.A.

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  1. Louis S. Bedrock August 30, 2019

    Calcutta comes to the U.S.

    Calcutta: two toilets connected by a sewer.

    Seattle is just as bad or worse.
    And San Francisco is rapidly becoming another Skid Row.

    “From the blind gut Pitt to the East River of Fishes
    The Avenue cobbles a swath through the discolored air,
    A roadway of refuse from the teeming shores and ghettos,
    And the Caribbean Paradise, into the new ghetto and new paradise,
    This God-forsaken Avenue bearing the initial of Christ
    Through the haste and carelessness of the ages,
    The sea standing in heaps, which keeps on collapsing,
    Where the drowned suffer a C-change,
    And remain the common poor.”

    From “The Avenue Bearing the Initials of Christ into the New World” by Galway Kinnel

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