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Ocean Symposium

[Oct 25, 26]

A team of local scientists and ocean advocates are organizing The First Annual Ocean Life Symposium 2019 on the Mendocino Coast October 25th — 26th, at the Mattheson Theater in Mendocino. This symposium will host scientists from around the country presenting on and discussing current stressors, possible solutions, and the vision for a healthy ocean. Friday evening from 6- 9pm will be a screening of the new documentary “Sonic Sea” and a short talk and Q&A with Michael Stocker, ocean bio-acoustic specialist and the executive director of Ocean Conservation Research. Saturday from 10am-4pm will be a full day of speakers and panels who will share information about marine life systems — Discuss the ocean crisis — what are the problems and what are the stressors — Propose and share current solutions/course of actions/protection Saturday evening from 6-8pm will be a “Meet and Greet” reception with the scientists at the Noyo Center for Marine Research Downtown Discovery Center in Fort Bragg.

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