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Zeni Chestnut Gathering

[Nov 2]

No admission cost; bring a potluck dish. Pick your own fresh chestnuts off the ground for $3.50/lb. De-burring the chestnuts on the ground is easier with good boots and gloves. If the nuts are falling well, Zeni will also sell the de-burred clean chestnuts for $4.50. There will also be fresh honey for sale. 

The Zeni's 100 year-old dry-farmed seedling trees are a testament to the sustainability of tree crops. 

Mendocino Permaculture 38th Annual Chestnut Gathering and George Zeni Memorial Potluck will be held at the Zeni Ranch from 10 am to 4 pm, rain or shine, on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Our event has now grown into the Zeni Family‚Äôs Annual Chestnut Festival. Live bands often appear, so bring your dancing shoes as well as your orchard boots! 

Schedule of Events 

10:30 am to 4 pm: Chestnut gathering and roasting over the open fire. 

11 am: Tour of the ranch by the Zeni family. 

12:30 pm: Potluck and music, show and tell of local self-sufficiency. 

1 pm: Discussion on what this year has taught us; the drought; the best fruit and nuts. 

2 to 4 pm: Chestnuts, music, taste the harvest. 

Please bring: Potluck dish (oven available), made from local ingredients if possible, and bring your cup, plate, napkins and utensils. 

If you bring a dog, bring a leash and be responsible. 

Bring your wine, fruit, nut, or vegetable harvests to show & tell what works for you. Demonstration tables will be available. 

Bring cuttings of fruit plants to share: this is the beginning of the season to start dormant cuttings of the easy-to-root hardwood plants. Starting so early gives cuttings plenty of time to root and needs no inputs needed except the rain. Bring labeled, de-leafed cuttings (you can leave the leaf stem on) of these easy-to-root plants: olive, grape, fig, mulberry, pomegranate, quince, kiwi, goji, currant, gooseberry, berries, cherry plum, roses. The leaves often dehisce easily at this time. 

Directions: The Zeni Ranch is at 30995 Fish Rock Road at mile marker 15.6 (County Highway 122). From the Coast Highway 1 junction of Fish Rock (5 miles north of Gualala) go 15.5 miles east. From Highway 128 the Fish Rock Road junction is at Hwy 128 marker 36.56, about 7.7 miles east of the Highway 256/128 junction, or 4.7 miles west of Yorkville. Take Fish Rock Road about 13 miles to marker 15.6. Using odometer and mile markers, it's an easy and enjoyable slow drive through a most beautiful and very remote part of the county. 

For information call Jane Zeni 895-2309, Barbara & Rob Goodell 895-3897, or Mark Albert 463-8672. 

For more information about the Zeni Ranch, see their facebook page:

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