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Disaster Planning

[Dec 10]

Albion-Little River Fire Protection District and volunteer firefighters invite you to join us on Tuesday, December 10, 7PM at the Albion School, 30400 Albion Ridge Road, Albion with the intent of identifying and forming a community led group to prepare and plan for how we will respond and evacuate in the event of wildfire or natural disasters.

As many of you know, the Albion/Little River communities are in a unique situation, being both connected and separated by bridges as well as having many inland roads that are at high risk in the event of wildfire or disaster. The purpose of this meeting is to identify people and resources who are willing to lead and/or contribute to a preparedness and evacuation plan in conjunction with our Fire Protection District.

You many not be aware, but insurance ratings are affected positively with community participation in planning and prevention of such disasters. We hope you'll all join us next week Tuesday, December 10 for this vitally important community meeting.

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