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  1. Betsy Cawn December 21, 2019

    Five and a half pages of rhetoric: Methinks he doth protest too much!

    One wonders who the ghost writer might be . . .

    (On the other hand, Pelosi et al deserve this lambasting. Gabbard’s non-voting stance and advocacy for censure make more sense than the cabal perpetuating the endless pissing contest.)

    • Louis Bedrock December 21, 2019

      As is frecuently the case, I could not agree with you more strongly. As Gore Vidal observed, we have one political party with two right wings.

      A plague on both their houses!

    • Mike Kalantarian December 21, 2019

      Upon reading it through, my first thought was “great letter,” and my second thought was wondering who wrote it. There is, however, a small “tell” buried in it, which is using the word “perfect” to describe a phone call. That’s typical Trump hyperbole, and I can imagine speechwriter’s frustration when he was told he had to put that in.

      The other thing that struck me was the proud list of accomplishments, and how many of them I considered terrible dis-complishments. It goes to show how far apart we are.

      But as you say, the letter was quite right about the Democratic Party, and it seems to me that Tulsi Gabbard is the only sane person in the House.

    • Stephen Rosenthal December 21, 2019

      It’s a dog and pony show, vindictive and designed to divert attention away from the sorry state of the Democratic Party. I’ve liked Tulsi Gabbard from the get go. She’s smart and tough and could beat Trump, but the idiotic out of touch power brokers will never give her a chance. Rachel Madcow (not a typo), et al, must have had multiple orgasms while reporting on the impeachment announcement. But I’ll never forget the look on their faces three years ago when they realized their heroine had been defeated by the Trumpster. I predict it will happen again.

      • Louis Bedrock December 21, 2019

        Roger that, S.R.

        I dislike all the Democrats, but Tulsi has class.
        And wouldn’t she look good on a twenty dollar bill instead of the hideous Andrew Jackson!

        Rachel Madcow is a good argument for bringing back the guillotine.

  2. James Marmon December 21, 2019

    If any of you really followed POTUS you would realize that he “dictated” this letter to his writer, lol.

    Promises made, Promises kept.


    • Louis Bedrock December 21, 2019

      James, you’re smart enough to see that POTUS is an ANUS. He can hardly even read. How would he be able to write a speech?

    • Harvey Reading December 21, 2019

      LOL is right. LOL at your adoration of a monster. If he hadn’t been born wealthy, he would have died in the gutter decades ago.

      Common people of your ilk obviously have lost whatever good sense they may have once possessed, and in your case that possession is questionable. You’ll get exactly what you so richly deserve in the end: enslavement. You’ll become a CRISPR-y critter, and you’ll be happy to be one.

  3. Zack Anderson Post author | December 21, 2019

    • Mike Kalantarian December 21, 2019


  4. Louis Bedrock December 21, 2019

    Great video, Zack
    The only good thing about Trump’s victory is that Hillary and her coven—Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland et al, lost.

  5. Louis Bedrock December 21, 2019

    I resent the Great Mike K exploiting his power, position, and popularity to squeeze his video between my comment and Zack’s video.

    • Mike Kalantarian December 21, 2019

      Sorry, Louis, the slight was unintentional. My vid merely replied to Zack’s vid, and WordPress nests comments that way. Had you replied to Zack you would have held your position.

      You’ve been feeling your oats lately. Frisky even. Happy to see you so spry.

      • Louis Bedrock December 22, 2019

        Feliz Natalis Invicti–or Christmas, or Saturnalia or whatever you and your family celebrate. May 2020 bring you and yours good things—and, in Roselle, a resurgance of chickadees.

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