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Let Lifers Handle The Money

Dear AVA,

This is Tony B. live from San Quentin. I've been busy, in case you guys have been wondering. I finally made it out of West Block after three months. I was moved to North Block last week. Now I get to hang out with the lifers. Pretty good group of guys, actually. Everybody is entrenched pretty well. Most have TVs and radios. You can also receive packages for sundry items and such. The guards are way more respectful compared to West Block. I imagine that the lifers will not put up with as much compared with parolees. Staff knows we will put up with their crap because we want to go home and the lifers don't have that luxury. So at least they get treated better.

Speaking of luxuries, I haven't received an AVA yet. I don't know if you are even receiving my letters. I wouldn't put anything past the staff here. I am pretty sure that my letters are being read. We have no right to confidential correspondence with the media. That was taken away a few years back along with many other rights. I can't let silly little things like rights get in the way of our punishment or rehabilitation or whatever we're here for. Anyway, please send me the AVA at my new address. I love to know how Mendoland is doing.

I am finally not being held incommunicado anymore. I get to watch the propaganda that passes for TV news these days. It's hard to find the truth and in a fog of deceit, but I try. It looks like the big empty vault called the US Treasury is giving Mr. Obama a bit of trouble. Did I say empty? I guess I should have phrased that better. Zeroes would be great. How many trillions? I was never good at math.

But I want you guys to know that us inmates are doing our share. We are taxed at a rate of a flat 55%. I wonder how much our professional state employees pay? I'm sure if they paid us inmates a little better we could at least bail out the state in no time. But 80¢ per hour only goes so far. Oh well. I just hope Mr. Brown knows he can count on us. He said no new taxes without voter approval. Well, if they can get it on the November ballot I bet that they could tax us at 65%. I can't speak for the rest of these guys, but I'm willing to put out another 10%.

Now for Life with the Lifers. From what I hear, San Quentin is the place to be if you've got a long sentence. They have a lot of programs being so close to San Francisco and all. There's still a little love in the world, I guess. I don't think the general public realizes that 90% of the people in prison are pretty decent folk who just got into a bad situation and handled it the wrong way or whatever. It's mainly the fault of the media showing the worst of the worst with shows like Lockdown, etc. That's the way to go, general public. Let's just believe what the TV tell us and vote away our rights. Let's not forget to give all our money to our competent government officials either. They manage our money so well and keep us safe from all the evil in the world. For how many trillions?

I just got a good idea. Maybe we should give government financing to the lifers. After all they're getting by with 80¢ an hour and at a 55% tax rate. And that's our top wage. Most of them don't get that. I'd love to see Sacramento try to get by with that system. How many billions? If somebody brought out our thrift, Sacramento would probably come up with some type of excuse like "Prisoners can't get by on so little because they get free food and housing and medical care, etc." Oh yes, San Quentin Resort, Hotel & Spa. I think I'll come back next year. How many billions? At least the public is safe. Hell, now that I think of it, so am I. There is very little crime here. Maybe it's the free medical care. No self-medicating people around here. Not much crime around here, no sirree. San Quentin Hotel Resort & Spa. Free meds, low crime rate, friendly staff, historic setting…  who would want to go anywhere else?

Well boys and girls, I guess that's about it for this episode. Until next time, Fort Bragg's one and only Tony B. signing off.

Oh yes, one more thing. If anyone in the audience has any questions, please post them to my address as shown below. Mail is always welcome. Stamps, pen and paper are always accepted here at San Quentin Resort Hotel & Spa.

Anthony Boyles


San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94974


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