I Saw Timmy Pitch

I am nearly 32 and though I was raised by a die-hard Giants fan, but my affinity for them is recent.  I am one of those terribly uncool folks who fell in love with them only last year.  I know, you have loved them your whole life and think I am a poser.  Whatever.

Let me back up.  I had a 92 year old client.  I have mentioned her in my blogposts before.  She is a huge sports fan.  Nearly blind, she has a huge screen TV.  She also cranks the volume to the point where it's impossible to hear the people you're sitting next to.  First she insists I watch tennis with her.  I sigh, resigned.  Slowly, I got into it.  In a few days, I was actively rooting for the young Spaniard.  Man, can that kid play tennis.

Before long, I was on a shift with her when the Giants were playing.  I was reticent.  Having decided many years ago that watching sports was a huge waste  time, hand crafted by the man to keep the masses entertained, fat and lazy.  I considered it a bit below me, in all honesty.  My dad tried to influence me, to convince me it was worth appreciating.  Try as I might, I just thought it was the most boring game I had ever seen.  As a kid and until a year ago, I never understood what the announcers were talking about.  The game always seemed to be happening but no one was ever moving.  And the innings would drag on and on.

My 92 year old friend is both classy and patient.  She said, "Just watch."  So I did.  I got to know the players and the rules of the game.  I shook my fist at a bad call by the umpire and cheered out loud when they won.  I started to see Baseball as something more than a sport, but a tradition of respect and yes, the great American game.

Cue the National Anthem.

We went to a game last week at AT&T.  Giants vs. Dodgers.  The Giants didn't win.  However, the park was beautiful and despite the sweaty human-body overload when waltzing through the park, fleeing the blinding heat of that day, it was epic.  I got to see Timmy pitch!

I was bummed I did not get to see Wilson.  Nor Posey.  Guess we'll just have to make another trip to the park.  This next time, though- they need to win.  Got that guys?


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