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Surgical Hiatus at Coast Hospital


  1. mr. wendal January 29, 2020

    The hospital began notifying people last week that their surgeries would be postponed indefinitely. Why the delay in sending out such an important press release that includes information the patients would want to learn?

    Using vague statements, as in the press release, doesn’t inspire confidence. Can anyone (Mr. Macdonald?) tell us which policies and procedures were out of compliance, why/how it happened, and exactly what the “intensive staff training“ contains that will be implemented? Was this a surprise to the hospital or was it expected?

  2. George Hollister January 30, 2020

    Using vague statements, is SOP from medical providers in general, everywhere. Can one honestly expect them to say something like, “There were mouse droppings on the floor of the OR”? Or how about, “No one remembered to throw out the garbage for the last month, and the garbage can was overflowing on to the floor”. Some pretty serious issues would require a 1 week shutdown, and if that doesn’t work the shutdown will extend to 2 weeks. Surgery is where the MCDH makes it’s money, too. Not good. Maybe it’s a conspiracy by Adventist Health ahead of the election. I am waiting for that shoe to drop in the MCDH rumor mill.

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